1 year cutie

September 27, 2017

Yet again another great session with Brendan. We met the family at the park and when they arrived Brendan was sleeping, we all hoped that we dad woke him up that he would be in a good mood. He had just eaten and a cat nap is always great! We all got exactly what we wanted – a perfect little boy. Mom was thinking 3 outfits but knew which ones were the most important because with a one year old we never know how quickly the session will change from great to over. Smiles, smiles, smiles all during the first outfit. The next outfit was a traditional baby blue with knee socks and white shoes. Brendan was a trouper while mom tried to get him in the outfit while also keeping him clean. Dad wasn’t excited about this one but once Brendan was dress he looked so great that everyone agreed this outfit was a must. Brendan showed off his standing skills. This boy was just rocking everything I wanted him to do. I even said, “let’s give this a shot and see if he will do it, if not we can do something else” Well, he proved he could do it all! After some family photos as well as individual photos it was time for another outfit. Why not do them all since we had such great photos in the other ones. I could see that Brendan was starting to get tired of sitting but he would still laugh at our silly noises. A few photos with just dad and just mom were a perfect way to end the session. Next time Brendan comes in he will be walking, that will add a whole new element to the session but as long as he keeps up the smiles it will be a breeze.

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