3 Year Photos

December 28, 2017

Cold weather could not dampen our plans for Frances’ three year photos! Fall is such a beautiful time to take family photos, and we had originally planned to do outside photos at Forest Park since the leaves were finally starting to change colors. However, the afternoon was so cold that we switched to an inside session instead. Luckily, the Jewel Box offers a great spot to get some colorful indoor photos, plus it is much warmer than being out in the wind! We have been taking Frankie’s photos since she was one year old, and it is always exciting to see each year how much she has grown! Annual photos are a great way to document how your children grow and change, and bring back wonderful memories when they are older and not so little anymore.
We had a wonderful time walking around and exploring the different spots inside the Jewel Box. It may be a small area, but there are plenty of options for great images! We did some family photos and made sure to get plenty of just Frances too, since she was the birthday girl! Her cute, flowered dress perfectly matched all the beautiful flowers and plants at the Jewel Box. Frances posed very well for her photos, and we made sure to do a few fun ones as well, like swinging with mom and dad and just running around! We also climbed up to the balcony to have the hanging baskets with the pink flowers in a few images for a different look from the photos on the main level. Frances is such a sweet, energetic young lady, she kept us all laughing and having fun the whole session. We are looking forward to seeing them again for more photos next year!

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