3 Year Session

July 5, 2018

Each year flies by faster and faster. There are times we get a call for a session from someone that comes each year and we think…no way it’s that time again! We did a fall session for this wonderful family for Kolin’s birthday but now it was time for Devin’s session. Of course it couldn’t be cool like it was the week before but we worked fast in the heat and got some amazing photos. Devin was ready for her session with big smiles the whole time. We started with some family photos to warm up to the idea of photos alone. Sometimes it’s best not to just sit kids down expect them to stay and walk away. If parents want some family photos during the session we start with those so that the kids can see what we will be doing behind the camera, getting comfortable with us helps create the most natural smiles. When I asked the kids to take a photos together they put their arms around each other perfectly. I didn’t even have to pose them, it came natural to them to pose together. They are such great siblings! Devin started to mention that she was “getting sweaty” so we decided it was time to work on photos of her alone. We found any shade we could to stay a bit cooler. Photos with flowers, photos doing dance poses, photos on a “Devin size chair”, princess photos and anything else we could think of capped off the session. Luckily she was ready to pose, smile and work with us while we fixed hair and dress because mom mentioned there was no nap which could be trouble…not for this princess! When she was done Devin was able to play on the playground for a bit until everyone was too hot to stay. Such a wonderful time catching up with everyone again. See you in the fall!

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