After the rain

September 20, 2019

When we have a day filled with park sessions and we wake up to rain it’s not a great feeling. We never know how the client will feel about heading out in wet grass or even if the rain will stop. However we got very lucky that all the rain moved out of the area before we started our day. After a quick check in to make sure we were still good to go we met these three lovely ladies at the park – they also brought along mom and dad. Three girls always keeps us guessing when we arrive to the session. I’m sure they keep mom and dad guessing daily! We just don’t know if they will be shy, excited for photos or in a silly mood. Guess what – we got all three. And it changed during the session too. Megan was ready for photos and then got super silly so of course we captured all of that greatness. Elizabeth wasn’t so sure but after a few hair fluffs and twirls she was ready to show us the smiles. Sarah took much longer to warm up to the idea, however she sat perfectly in every photo. Didn’t give up the smiles until about half way through but when she did it was wonderful. With so much going on during this session we got the perfect mix of posed photos and candid shots of the family together. I am so glad we didn’t reschedule because the lighting was perfect, everyone was in a great mood and it wasn’t very hot outside. I am very grateful for friends like this that give me the opportunity to capture these special moments. I look forward to working with them again in the future and I know I’ll see these wonderful girls soon.

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