Allison and Devin

October 31, 2017

Allison and Devin came into the studio looking for a wedding photographer that would pay attention to details, have a great time and become a special part of the event. We were a great fit! When we met I said it would be pretty likely that I would be their photographer, they were pleased that the person they spoke with was also going to be there on the wedding day. It puts some concerns aside when you know exactly who will be showing up to photograph your wedding. We talked the week of the wedding about all the special parts happening along with the moments Allison wanted captured. This couple made our jobs super easy! Allison was very prepared with the invitation, programs, ring, necklaces and everything we needed to photograph right when we got there. The time flew by quickly while everyone was getting ready, pushing a few photos to after the ceremony but it was such a nice day with plenty of time it was better not to rush beforehand. A beautiful ceremony at All Saints lead us to family photos which went very quickly so we could head to the park. Allison and Devin had such a great wedding party that truly helps us enjoy the park photos. We all laughed, made some jokes while capturing the fun and of course the love between the wonderful couple. I probably could have stayed at the park all day with this great group getting more images but sadly I had to stop so we could get to the reception. However after we got there I wasn’t disappointed by all the things I had to photograph there too. First the decorations were top notch and then the guests were all happy to have photos of themselves. Not all groups I work with like to be photographed! Once the dancing started….well let’s just day my trigger finger got tired after awhile. It was such a pleasure to work with Allison and Devin, they even send a note to us afterward thanking us for making their day special. I hope to someday have the opportunity to work with them again, Congrats #bettorfs2be

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