Amanda and Chris

October 25, 2017

Amanda and Chris are a great couple to work with and I’m very excited to start off with an amazing engagement session. Looking forward to the wedding next year! Amanda has been familiar with our quality work since she started working at Notre Dame high school. We have seen her around school and taken multiple school pictures of Amanda. When looking for a wedding photographer she contacted us right away – we were very excited to hear the good news. We talked about all the options for the event, what has been planned and what still needed to be done. After our meeting dad wanted to come back to talk about some parent album options. It was great meeting him, I’m glad we had an option that will work for them to keep the cherished memories of the wedding day. Amanda new our busy fall schedule so we set up an engagement appointment about a month in advance. When the day approached it was raining but the forecast looked like it would clear up before we started. Not only did that happen, the lighting was perfect – sure we had to deal with some crazy humidity but that seems to be the norm around here right now. The park she chose was a perfect mix of color, structure and fall leaves. I was very excited to get a ton of great images. Some of them toward the end even included a bunch of deer in the distance! Amanda and Chris were having a great time in the park together. They were even more prepared than they expected to be with a blanket in the car to help us sit on the wet ground. I think the wedding day will be such a fun event since we have now gotten to know this couple even better than we knew them before. Only a few months to go!

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