Amy and Mike

July 13, 2017

Amy and Mike heard of our studio from another family member that used us years ago. They were so pleased with the service and quality that they still pass on our name to this day. Amy and Mike chose to have the ceremony at the Shrine of St. Joseph because the history behind the church is very significant to them. The Ignatius Strecker miracle that happened there is a member of their family. They were happy to see that we have photographed in the church before, knew the rules and are comfortable with everything while we are there. It was such a beautiful ceremony as it always is when we are at the Shrine. The families were so easy to work with during the photo time that gave us plenty of time to also take some family photos for the guests. When everyone is all together and dressed up why not take advantage. This is a perk of having two photographers at your wedding. One of them can focus on the bride and groom with the families while the other one gets photos of any family members with their immediate families. Amy and Mike decided just the two of them would head to the park for photos. They knew the reception location had photo opportunities as well so they let the wedding party relax while we walked around in the heat. Actually it wasn’t too bad in the shade, so we made sure to find as much as possible. Sometimes it seems strange for a bride and groom to wonder the park with two photographers around them but these two didn’t seem phased at all. They still had great moments together like nobody was watching and also laughed as if someone was telling a joke. I am pretty sure we took too many photos….wait… no such thing! The reception took place at Amy’s parent’s house, it was set on a hill with an amazing view. With the tent in the backyard all decorated for the event it was such a special time for them with friends and family having fun. A perfect set up for a perfect couple, congratulations!

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