Ana and David

April 23, 2019

Ana contacted the studio looking for a unique element to her engagement photos. There was going to be an engagement party for her and David so she was thinking while they were all dressed up with family and friends around it would be the perfect time for engagement photos. We decided to meet a bit before the party to take a few posed photos of Anna and David. The home where the party took place was a family friend and it had beautiful areas for photos. I probably could have taken photos of them all day because they were great together and the location was unique. That’s exactly what Anna wanted in their engagement photos, she didn’t want to be wondering around the park like everyone else. These photos will be special to them because the location was extra special to them. After a few quick photos we realized that guests were arriving and starting to watch what we were up to. It was a bit strange for them to be watched as they took photos but at the same time this added another unique element to the session. Those people that were closest to them got to witness how madly in love these two are. The rest of the time I was there I mingled within the party getting images of them as they all shared in the joy of Ana and David. It was a very different take on the typical engagement photos which was great because it is so nice for us to change things up once in a while. Perhaps this will be a new trend that we could offer to customers that have engagement parties. They will be getting married out of town and we wish them the very best wedding day!

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