Anna and Austin

November 1, 2018

Here we are again with another family we have been working with for years. That is just the best feeling when your photography skills are trusted so greatly that you are called to capture senior photos, family photos and now the next important step…the first wedding in the family! It seems that there are always a couple weekends a year that are just super popular when we start getting calls for wedding photography. September 29th was it, we had to turn away so many people that wanted this date. But luckily Anna and Austin were not on the list because I would hate to turn them away! We started off with engagement photos. Having such a great time in Tower Grove park with these two and their dog. It really got me excited for the wedding. When the wonderful day finally arrived and we got to the salon to start the day I was so happy to hear mom say “I’m excited to see you today” Ditto! We are excited to work with you today too! Every wedding has things that need to be adjusted at the last minute or something that doesn’t go quite as planning, but overall everything turns out perfectly. Anna and Austin were surprised at the rehearsal about the change in time they could arrive at the church, but really this was just a minor change and looking at everything from the outside I would have to say it all went perfectly. From the expertly crafted pew bows that mom made, to the laugher when the priest forgot to announce them as husband and wife all the way to the park locations they let us venture to….just a perfect day. They put trust in us to pick the best spots for photos. It was great to not have to travel to the same locations we see week after week. We picked a few secluded spots in Forest Park and then headed over the river for a couple amazing Arch photos. The reception continued the perfect day with wonderful decorations, candy table, dancing and songs sung to the bride and groom by friends. We are honored to be a part of this family and hope to continue in the future. More weddings or perhaps someday family photos with grandbabies!

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