Anna and Austin

December 6, 2017

When planning a wedding there are lots of details to consider. I don’t consider photography a detail because that is a big part of the day but looking at photographers can be a very detailed process. There are hundreds of websites, tons of bridal shows and referrals from anyone that has gotten married before you. Each photographer has a different style and package pricing so how do you even begin the process of looking for the perfect photographer? Anna’s mom called us because we had done senior photos for all of her kids as well as a family portrait. Starting off with a photographer you know with quality work is a great place to start. The date that Anna and Austin picked seems to be a popular one for 2018 so I mentioned that they should secure the date with us before they call back and it is gone. They were more than happy to do so – they know that based off of prior experiences with Ravetta Photography the wedding experience will be a great one as well. Since Anna and Austin live in Rolla we packed in a few things while they were in St. Louis, we got a chance to sit down and talk about wedding details. They selected the package that worked best for them before we headed to the park for engagement photos. It was a bit cold when we got started but for some reason toward the end we were feeling better. Perhaps it got warmer or maybe we were too frozen to notice! However I did notice how great Austin and Anna are with each other. They wanted to include their dog Archer in some photos, he wasn’t too willing to sit still but when he poked his head between their legs it made a perfect photo. These two will have fun looking at all the great images we got and they can look forward to the hundreds of photos I’m sure we will capture on the wedding day.

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