Another Year Older

December 6, 2017

What a difference a year makes – Dan has grown so much over the past year. This talkative 7 year old has been in our birthday club since he was born. I am so excited to see him each year and talk about everything he is up to. This year he has grown so much because he is now making decisions for himself. When we first started the session he didn’t decided he didn’t want to wear his jacket for the photos. I told him that’s alright because I was thinking I would have him climb a tree and climbing a tree with a jacket on might be hard to do. Mom really wanted him to wear it but having a child the same age I knew we shouldn’t start off by pushing it. I figured we could get some fun photo, let him warm up a bit and he would decide to put on the jacket himself…yep that’s what happened. We asked again telling him we could do some more at the end without it, so he agreed. I learned so much about nature since Dan was telling me all about the different tree, roots, fallen green balls (sorry Dan I don’t remember what you called them) But I do know all about how the tree grows, even if it is a gross story! They live close to the park so Dan told me exactly how to get to his house, I got lost after the 4th or 5th turn in the directions but I’m sure he know exactly how to get home, very proud to share his knowledge with me. I was happy to learn new things from him – can’t wait until next year when I can learn more! The photos of him and mom are perfect. He said he has his mom’s smile and was happy to sit by her and show it off. It’s going to be hard for mom to pick photos since Dan did a perfect job.

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