Anthony and Meghan

November 30, 2018

Anthony and Meghan knew they were meant for each other! After they were engaged we got a call from a family member that wanted to gift them engagement photos. What a perfect idea! We were able to get them in on a Saturday which turned out to be a beautiful day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We met in forest park because it gave us lots of options for the fall color, bridges, rocks, benches and much more. When they arrived I could see they were super excited to have these photos taken. A bit nervous not knowing what to expect but that quickly went away after only a few photos since we clicked instantly they felt comfortable in front of the camera. I did some posed photos but each time I would have them look at one another it was truly magical. They just did all the right things, laughter, sweet kisses, smiles…the list goes on. We talked about how they met and what brought them both to St. Louis since they are not from the area. They are currently in school here but of course taking time to enjoy all the great St. Louis attractions. Meghan and I talked a bit about how it’s nice to dress up and wear heels for photos but it wasn’t really something she normally did, I totally agreed and gave her some props for even attempting it. It would have been great to work with them all day but I had to get to another session and I think I already took too many anyway! Lots of good options for them to view, include on a wedding website and share with family and friends. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future. Have fun with all the wedding planning!

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