Baby Matthew

Baby Matthew

January 14, 2021

Did we take photos at your wedding? Has your family grown recently? We want you to remember that in your final wedding order you received a gift certificate to do a portrait session for your first born baby. What a deal! We truly enjoy seeing our couples again after they start a family. The gift certificate includes the session, as well as, an 8×10 portrait. Of course you will want more than just the 8×10 so we have options to add on more photos during your viewing appointment. Also don’t forget to ask us about the Birthday club – it really is the best deal if you are wanting multiple sessions as the baby grows.
Katie called because she and Mike welcomed baby Matthew a couple weeks ago so they wanted to get some newborn photos. We do recommend that for those wrapped up, sleep baby photos the session takes place within the first 10 days. However this year people have been taking a bit more time to get settled at home before they call. Whatever makes you comfortable works for us, after those first couple of weeks you will probably get a more awake baby with beautiful open eye photos. These are also amazing shots so no matter what don’t miss this session even if you call a bit later.
Matthew was 2 weeks old when we met him and he was definitely awake for his session. We were able to get him to sleep for a few photos but then (being the detail oriented photographer) I would quickly move him to another pose which woke him up a bit. We don’t want all the photos in the same spot, but Mike even mentioned how quickly Matthew settled after he was moved. That’s really the key, just move the baby and then get them settled after they are in position. Between photos we all had a chance to catch up on what they have been up to over the past few years. They moved into their home right before everything closed down so they have had plenty of time to “get to know our new house” as Mike put it. Katie works as a nurse so has been extra busy these months leading up to Matthew’s arrival. It’s nice for her to take some time to be at home and relax for awhile. Even though Matthew was a bit older for those newborn photos we were able to really get so many beautiful photos of him – with mom and dad, in his nursery, on some special blankets made for him and of course his four legged furry brother!
We hope Katie and Mike decide to join our birthday club because we would like to get the chance to see Matthew grow this year as we capture many more memories for this family!

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Chris and Sarah

January 14, 2021

Chris contacted us about an engagement session. We worked with him a few years ago for a family session – one we wouldn’t forget because it snowed a few feet that day and we took advantage of some snow photos. Anyway, he was now engaged looking to get photos of him with Sarah. They are both originally from St. Louis but currently live in Boston. They have lived there for a few years now. The plan was to be in town for about a month to enjoy the holidays with family while they started the wedding planning process. They have already accomplished a few things on the long list of wedding stuff. It was also the perfect time to get some engagement photos taken in their hometown. Check that off the list! As we walked around the park I had to know since they were both from St. Louis now living in Boston if they met here or there. They said they have known each other for quite some time, Sarah is friends with Chris’ sister. Then the real question came up, if Chris had to get sisters approval to start dating Sara. Yep! She knew they were great for each other but wanted to be sure they knew it too as they started this wonderful relationship. They really are and it was a pleasure to see how they interacted with each other during the session. They were both very easy going and relaxed during the session. Just like any other couple they needed some guidance on how to stand or pose to get the best photos. Once they got a few hints they were good to go the rest of the session. Just a great couple to talk with, we had conversations about many different topics while capturing these engagement photos, a nice start to a relationship with them. The wedding is planned for October 2021 and we hope to have the opportunity to work with them again on that day to continue our relationship into the future.
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Kelly and Adam

January 14, 2021

Kelly wasn’t exactly sure she wanted to make the phone call to us about changes for her wedding. However the changes we have encountered in 2020 are starting to not even phase us anymore. We have been very flexible with everyone, which we hope makes the stress a bit easier on them. During the summer engagement photos Kelly and Adam said that no matter what they were going to get married in December. They knew that the guest list might change or the day might look a bit different but it was just important to them to get married. Kelly called to sadly tell me that the decision was made to move the reception part of the celebration. They were just going to have a small ceremony with close family and friends. Maybe about 20 people there to see them share their vows – officiated by Adam’s dad made it even more special. We came up with the plan to use 1 of the packages 8 hours this year and then complete the package next year. Kelly couldn’t have been happier! She really had no idea what we were going to say but this option was absolutely perfect for them. Upon our arrival the guests were mingling a bit and we could tell they were very happy to be there to celebrate Kelly and Adam. A bit chilly outside of course but that didn’t stop us from getting photos of the family, wedding party and excited couple. The ceremony was perfect for the day doing exactly what they wanted to do on the wedding day – they got married! Despite the changes they were both all smiles, having fun during all aspects of the day together. They are looking forward to the party next year but for now they can relax a bit and enjoy being a married couple.
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Missy and Tony

December 29, 2020

Missy and Tony worked with us earlier this year during their engagement session. While we were taking the photos at Forest Park we discussed everything going on with business closing and event capacities being lowered. Their wedding was set for November, with so many unknowns they were not certain of what the wedding day would look like. However they knew one thing – they were getting married on that day no matter what.
As the wedding day approached I spoke with Missy and they did have to make a smaller guest list than originally expected. But she and Tony were still very excited about their upcoming wedding day. We made some plans to meet at the hotel to capture the getting ready images. When I arrived everyone was very relax just waiting for the next thing to do. The timing worked out perfectly with everything prior to my arrival so I just had everyone start getting dress while taking photos of the final touches. An evening ceremony in November doesn’t give us any light outdoors afterward so Missy and Tony decided on doing a first look. This way they could spend more time together during the day.
Since indoor locations wanted guest to wear a mask it was best for us to do most photos outside. And amazingly we had perfect weather! After a sweet first look in front of the hotel we headed to the park for wedding party photos. A small wedding party of only 4 gave us the opportunity to get to know everyone a bit better. Tony and his best man are quite guys but really know how to give each other trouble and bring out the smiles. Missy and her maid of honor are very close which was easy to show in the photographs by how much they laughed and talked with each other. We could have taken photos all day in the various areas around the ceremony location. However we needed to get to the venue to meet the families. We actually ended up having some extra time before the ceremony which gave everyone a chance to relax. Also Missy and Tony got to spend some time talking with family members, something that brides and grooms often miss out on as they are quickly moving from one thing to the next on a busy wedding day. After an intimate ceremony we headed upstairs to greet some more guests at the reception. Yet again the guest list was cut down a bit, however this really gave Missy and Tony a chance to spend more quality time with each person at the reception. Weddings in 2020 look a bit different on the outside but honestly they are still the same – two wonderful people getting married surrounded by those that love them. We had a great time photographing this wedding and know they will love the photos.

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Urban Family

December 29, 2020

A location for your family photos can be a stressful thing to decide upon. Park locations are always great giving you the trees, benches and various structures to use. But perhaps you want something different in your photos, not the same park that everyone uses. Luckily we have a long list of outdoor park locations so we can help give you some ideas. Of course Forest park is big and one of the first that our clients think of, however do you know about the smaller parks? What about a pained wall downtown or in the Grove neighborhood? We only need a small area for photos so why not pick a place that you may have seen on a walk or bike ride.
In St. Louis we have so many different areas that are easy to access as well as unique. When Matt and Sarah scheduled a family portrait they were originally thinking something around The Hill area. Using areas like the church, new Piazza and a street scene. This was a great idea because these spots were special to them and the neighborhood. However one day Matt was taking a bike ride and a brick building caught his eye. When I arrived to take the photos he asked if we could switch locations (they were only 2 blocks away from each other). They love the neighborhood but something about this building with the color, loading dock to sit on and doorways really stood out – that’s exactly what we mean when any location can work for family photos. We couldn’t leave out the new family pet so we did a couple at the house and then headed outside. They had a few things in mind that they wanted to accomplish during the session, we are more than happy to get in those photos you saw online that you wanted to recreate. Or let’s just get creative together and have fun during the session! We all had so much fun together that we used every second of the mini session taking photos. Thanks for keeping an eye out for a location that was perfect for your family.
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Megan and Mason

December 29, 2020

Engagement sessions are so much fun because we really get to know a couple. Alright, we just have to mention it again, even though we have probably said it over 100 times in our blogs – repeat clients and referrals are what can keep a small business going! Especially right now because we are not able to attend bridal shows or any type of event to show off our work to potential clients. Mason has two siblings and we photographed their weddings. In addition to the photos we took of the three of them as kids! Megan was a bridesmaid in a wedding we photographed so she also knows first-hand how we work on the wedding day. Selecting a photographer for these two was very easy – thank you and we appreciate the fact that you know the quality service you will receive.
We set up an engagement session in November but despite the wonderful days during the week, it pretty much rained every Saturday! So the session was moved to December, however you would have never known it because the weather was so nice. Another photo bonus was that we were able to represent pretty much all seasons in the photos. Starting of near the area that they got engaged the photos almost looked spring like with the lighting and simple columns in the background. Quickly it was apparent that when these two are together we are going to get many happy laughing photos – it was great! Since the trees had lost all their leaves we then had the look of winter in the photos we added their dog. It was easy to see that he was pretty attached to mommy! Using some stone walls also gave a different look to these images so really you would have no idea what season it was taken during. The second location we came across a tree that still had orange leaves on it. It was such a surprise that we were able to also get some photos that look like we did them in the fall. A willow tree rounded out the seasons looking like we took them in the summer, without the heat of course. Not only were these two lucky with weather and locations, they really have way too many photos to select from because they were just so easy to photograph. The wedding day next year is going to be perfect. We look forward to working with you again and probably taking too many photos that day too.
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Jenna and Joe

December 16, 2020

Fall weddings have so many weather factors to consider, will it be cold or rainy? Will the trees have any color or will all the leaves be gone? And now in 2020 will any event restrictions effect our event. Way too much for any couple to be considering as the wedding day approaches.
We have been working closely with Jenna and Joe for months. Engagement photos, save the dates, custom designed invitations and then figuring out the best timeline for their wedding. This couple couldn’t have gotten any luckier with the day of their wedding. The weather was in the 70’s, the color on the trees was amazing and everything went so smoothly throughout the whole day.
We began the day at grandma’s house where the entire wedding party was getting ready. This was the same house that we photographed mom’s wedding. We made sure to get a photo of Jenna in the same spot! It’s amazing that after so many years we are now photographing second generation weddings. We couldn’t do this without the support of our clients.
The girls were upstairs doing hair and makeup, while the boys were downstairs playing pool! It was wonderful to see everyone on time and ready to get started with photos. Since the sun goes down so early in November and the ceremony was at 5pm Jenna and Joe decided to do a first look followed by all the photos before the wedding. The front of grandma’s house was a nice quiet area for them to see each other for the first time. We took Joe outside to get set while Jenna prepared herself to come around the corner. She tapped him on the shoulder and Joe had a gleaming expression when he saw her for the first time. He twirled her around so he could get a better look at the back of the dress. Such a wonderful moment that we were present to capture!
The wedding party, as well as, the family members loaded on the party bus to head to a nearby park. We had a fun time wondering around with this group for a bit getting all the necessary photos along with some fun shots of all the kids. We had plenty of time to get over to the venue to take some photos with family over there too. Then we had a bit of time for the wedding party to head out on the golf course in order to capture some amazing fall images. Surprisingly we were running ahead of the schedule we came up with so Joe and Jenna decided to just relax a bit prior to the ceremony. The ceremony was quick and simple but included all the important parts – the vows, rings, unity candle and a kiss to top it all off! After a few quick photos with extended family members Joe and Jenna were ready to party the night away. They did just that while the smiles never left their faces. We are so happy that we were able to capture these moments!

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Baby Leo

December 16, 2020

Wedding couples that start families and call us when they do are just a joy. Lisa contacted us to take advantage of her wedding gift certificate for a free session. We were so excited to meet baby Leo! When they arrived Leo was awake and ready for photos. Of course he was not dressed because we highly suggest parents put on the outfit when they arrive. I quickly found out that Leo does not like having his clothes changed. Luckily he quickly recovers after it’s all over! During the session we did try some photo without an outfit but Leo was just not having it. He greatly preferred to be dressed or swaddled, no problem. We got many photos with him looking straight into the camera, it was like he knew exactly where to look for us to get the best images. We give all of our parents some guidance on how to best hold their newborn while we take the photos. There is a particular way to make sure everyone is positioned correctly as well as safe while we do it. Once I explained to Lisa how to do this, she quickly fell right into the pose with Leo. Chris joined in making it the most perfect family photo. They are going to be so happy to hang this on the wall! Lisa also brought a special blanket with a monogram. Incorporating these special items into a newborn session is what makes it more personal. We definitely recommend bringing these items into your newborn session. It was a pleasure working with Leo that I made sure to go over some information about the birthday club. The club includes multiple sessions and discounts on prints. We would love to see him visit us again at Ravetta Photography.

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New baby sister

December 16, 2020

A newborn session is always fun because we like to spend time with mom and dad, as well as, work with such small little clients. When older siblings are involved it can be a bit more challenging. We work with the comfort level of our clients if they want to come into our studio for the session or if they prefer we come to their homes. There are benefits both ways! By coming to the studio they don’t have to put anything together but themselves and just show up. We have all the wraps, colors, pillows and anything we need for the session. We do suggest a treat or toy for the older sibling when they are done with photos. On the other side when we come to the house we do use what is available to us there. Of course we bring a few wraps and things but not nearly what we have at the office. But by coming to the home when older siblings are done they can play in their own environment and feel comfortable. Sometimes these kids are super comfortable with us! That was definitely the case during this session, from them moment we walked in the door Gigi wanted to give a tour of the house and play games. We had a job to do so made a deal that when the photos were done we could look around. As with all of our newborn sessions we try to start off with family or sibling poses so then they could be done to just relax while we work with baby. Gigi started to get super silly with the photos, but when we asked her to lay down and hold baby sister she did just a perfect job! We got great family photos too which is what was important to mom. We did talk about how when you have the second child some photo poses like family, siblings together, mom and baby, dad and baby, are all added to the list of must haves. This leaves a bit less time to do solo newborn photos. In this case we were able to get a great mix of everything, as long as baby Stella was wrapped. She preferred to be all snuggled up for her individual shots. At the end we decided to give it one more try without a wrap and actually got one of my favorite images! We look forward to working with these great girls again.

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Baby Brother

December 9, 2020

About a month ago we got a call from a grandma who wanted to purchase a birthday club membership for her son who was expecting his second child. They are already members of our club with their first who turned 2 this year. So of course signing the new baby up as well was a must. She mentioned that it would be early November for the newborn session so we wrote that down waiting to hear from mom and dad after the baby arrived. Only a few short weeks later we got a call saying Miles was here! Yep he decided he didn’t want to wait till November so came a bit earlier than expected. We were happily able to get in a session as quick as possible in order to capture the small sweetness that all newborns bring to the images.
When they arrived we got started with some family photos. Big brother was all smiles, following directions and ready to take photos. It was amazing – giving us some perfect shots of them all together! Of course after that he got a bit restless so getting brother photos took a bit longer. However little did we know the promise of some craisins did the trick. Again, wonderful images of big brother with his arms around his new buddy. Miles quickly fell asleep giving us the opportunity to pose him in multiple ways for his photos alone. When a newborn session goes this well it makes selecting photos a bit harder for mom and dad. Grandma’s too – because of course they are going to want photos! Now that we have this new birthday club member we are excited to watch him grow, show off his personality and get to know us even better. Thanks for the continued loyalty!

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