Ana and David

Ana and David

April 23, 2019

Ana contacted the studio looking for a unique element to her engagement photos. There was going to be an engagement party for her and David so she was thinking while they were all dressed up with family and friends around it would be the perfect time for engagement photos. We decided to meet a bit before the party to take a few posed photos of Anna and David. The home where the party took place was a family friend and it had beautiful areas for photos. I probably could have taken photos of them all day because they were great together and the location was unique. That’s exactly what Anna wanted in their engagement photos, she didn’t want to be wondering around the park like everyone else. These photos will be special to them because the location was extra special to them. After a few quick photos we realized that guests were arriving and starting to watch what we were up to. It was a bit strange for them to be watched as they took photos but at the same time this added another unique element to the session. Those people that were closest to them got to witness how madly in love these two are. The rest of the time I was there I mingled within the party getting images of them as they all shared in the joy of Ana and David. It was a very different take on the typical engagement photos which was great because it is so nice for us to change things up once in a while. Perhaps this will be a new trend that we could offer to customers that have engagement parties. They will be getting married out of town and we wish them the very best wedding day!

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James is 1

April 23, 2019

On a rainy Saturday afternoon we headed to see James. He is turning one soon and is a member of our birthday club. This means we get to see him a couple of times a year to capture how big he is getting. The plan was to take some photos outside in the backyard but because of the rain we need to move indoors. No problem we are always ready for anything and their house had plenty of areas to work with for the photos. James was having a morning nap when we arrived so was a bit confused when he woke up to us in his room. But this nap put him in a great mood, ready for photos. He posed with mom and dad, even got his best four legged friend Sophie in the photos. James loves to look at books so we took advantage by doing some photos in his reading chair. It was very cute to watch him doing his favorite thing. It was also a must that he showed us his favorite car that he loves to walk around the house with – he is getting very fast! We thought the rain had slowed down for a bit, or so we hoped! We went outside to do a few photos in the garden and it was alright for a bit but even just a mist of rain seems like lots of rain after about 10 minutes. Oh well, it gave James some new scenery for a bit. Time for cake!!! The best part of a one year session is the smash cake, all kids love the cake part. Where the wild things are was the theme and James had a super cute tail and crown to wear while he dug into his homemade cake. James gave us a few smiles but was all cake in face during these photos! So fun to see him and we are looking forward to his 18 month session when he will have even more little personality…if that is even possible.

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Baby Christian

April 5, 2019

After the maternity session a few weeks ago Caitlyn talked about picking a date for her newborn session. Since she has been working with us for many years she knew that when Christian was born she wanted to join him into our birthday club. Our club is a onetime fee which will include 16 sessions and discounts on prints! It’s such a great deal – too good to pass up. The plan for Christian’s newborn session was a few family photos, some photos of brothers and then those special angelic images of Christian alone. Big brother Brendan loves having a little brother, giving him kisses before bed and showing him the toys. However he was not interested in taking too many photos which is pretty typical of a 2 year old big brother. We worked quickly by distracting Brendan to get some great smiles for the family photos. Then David brought in the dad skills and “flew” Brendan over to give his brother some sweet kisses. These photos will have special memories since they are the first ones of the new family. I’m sure we will take many more as the boys grow up and we will laugh at our efforts here because they will love being brothers – taking perfect photos together. Brendan was then free to play with dad while we worked with sweet baby Christian. Caitlyn was lucky to get some awake photos because most newborns that are less than 10 days are usually asleep the whole session. Christian wanted to show off those blue eyes. He eventually fell asleep so really mom and dad now have the best of both to look at in their photos. Thanks for letting us be a part of your family and your memories, it’s always a pleaure.

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Megan called because she had gotten a gift certificate from a friend. Her friend knew that she wanted family photos and since they had won a gift at a local gala that they were not going to use they gave it to Megan and Kevin. Don’t ever let a gift certificate from Ravetta Photography go to waste. If you win one but don’t see yourself using it then make sure to pass it on to someone that would love to have photos taken! The session date changed a couple times due to sickness and work schedule changes but we are more than happy to find a time that works best for you and your family. When Megan and Kevin arrived they had a few things with them that they wanted to incorporate into the photos. That’s great – we love when people have items that hold a special meaning to them. It gives us new options while making the photos more personal for you. We have hundreds of things around the studio that we can use but something from home is a special way make your session unique. They are big Peanuts fans so they brought a bag full of Snoopy’s, a few Peanuts blankets and also a knit blanket that looked like Charlie Brown’s sweater. It was perfect for the photos of 3 month old Charlie…I wonder why they decided on Charlie for their baby’s name;) We started with a few family photos and then quickly moved to photos of Charlie by himself. It was our hope to get lots of different options of him with all the stuff they had brought with them. Charlie has some great expressions in both the family photos and his solo photos. He did a few poses but then decided he would rather eat and take a nap. This actually worked out perfectly for the photo with the Snoopy dolls, he is just all tucked into them like he is a doll himself. Such a great session for Charlie and his family! We hope to work with everyone again soon.

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Spring Bunny Sessions

March 19, 2019

On February 2nd Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for 2019. We are pretty sure he got that wrong considering we have been battling snow and ice through all of February. Then the bitter cold temperatures have carried over into March. So Phil…..”can you remind us when this early spring is coming!!” Although, it doesn’t matter at the studio because we are still starting the process for the spring sessions with live animals. Ravetta Photography will welcome BUNNIES on April 7th to do photos on the indoor spring set. Obviously can’t count on Phil to plan our bunny sessions outside this spring! Instead we will enjoy the look of the outdoors on the studio set. We have been doing photos with animals for longer than we can remember. It has been so long that now we are doing photos of the grandkids of parents that brought their children in. We have recreated photos from 20 years ago with siblings while also starting a new tradition with their children. The news of our spring sessions travels because we get calls to set up appointments before we even pick the dates or the set. It doesn’t matter to the customers what type of set we will have they just know they want their kids to have the great experience other parents have told them about each year. For those that don’t know the process the session is 30 minutes followed by viewing your photos. The spring sessions are a bit different than normal since the bunnies are only with us for 2 weeks. The session fee of $59 includes a print of your choice up to 8×10 size, any additional photos or digital images ordered on the same day as your session will get a discount. So get out those spring clothes, call the studio for an appointment and the bunnies will be waiting April 7 – April 20th.

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Spring Photos with Bunnies

Spring Photos with BunniesRavetta Photography Mini Sessions


March 13, 2019

Year after year my parents would take photos of my sister and I, we were often the test subjects for a new set or prop. I cherish those photos because they all have memories that come flooding back each time I see them. Some photos were taken at our first studio location which then gets me thinking about how we use to play in the backyard while mom and dad worked. We were also given a few odd jobs around the office to “help” Now that I have kids I realize those helping jobs were really not always helpful they were just to keep us out of the way! I remember building the offices in our current building, again helping as much as we could but yet not really knowing what a tradition we were building. Now over 40 years later I am doing those same things with my boys. The kids are often at the office putting things in alphabetical order, moving props, setting lights and sitting as a test subject. Sometimes the tasks went better than others but now as they are getting older they have realized the faster the “help” mom the faster they get to play in the backyard! I recently did a 5 year session for Jackson, it was an unusually warm day in winter so we were able to get some outdoor photos too! It is always a bonus for those winter babies to have a different look than just the in studio portraits. He was happy to be outside but wasn’t a fan of taking as many photos as mom wanted to take so of course we made it fun just I do with every other session. When we were done he said he had a great time and we should go outside more. I agree buddy, but we are still waiting for it to get warmer outside! Once I had the photos ready for him to see he looked over them all and said “mommy these are just so beautiful, I did a great job, and you too because you took them” That was such a great moment and I hope that he keeps these memories we are making together forever. Perhaps in another 25 years he will be taking photos of his family in the Ravetta photography studio!

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Evolution of photography

March 5, 2019

A well thought out article by a fellow photographer to help inform the current generation of the importance of printed photographs.
People are taking more pictures than ever before. It’s been estimated in the past 5 years, more photos have been taken than all the prior years combined. Unfortunately few of these photographs will survive beyond a year. The current generations feel in the moment and not the future. Digital images are no longer important enough to keep them in printed form! Shockingly 1 out of 100,000 photographs taken today actually end up being printed. Digital images means you can instantly look on a computer screen however without one, you have nothing. The technology has changed so fast in recent years. Most likely in 5 years or less, your DVD or USB is going to be obsolete. And the technology of tomorrow may not support your “older” files. Even online storage or uploading to social media is not a permanent solution to viewing photos. Which means all of your memories you captured today, aren’t going to be around tomorrow.
When having a professional photograph taken consider this – It may be a “digital world” but I doubt you have your DVD’s on your wall! When you are asked by family to show a photo you may answer, It’s on a disc…someplace, where did we put that disc again? Anyone can see a printed image, there is no wondering if the current technology will support what you have. Invest in a display print for your home, a one of a kind work of art that will be passed from generation to generation.
In 2025, when you find a disc in that drawer and your 3 inch watch computer no longer has a DVD drive since in 2020 they were totally phased out. What will you tell your 3rd grandchild asking to see pictures of their Mom? A piece of round plastic that is pretty much worthless just won’t be the same as a photo. Since all social media is now charging a fee you gave up on that years ago and uploaded images are lost. The most photographed generation will be without a photo from the past 10 years. Children of 2025 may wonder if it wasn’t important to have photos. Lost memories are expensive!

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Jackson is One

February 28, 2019

Wedding photos to newborn photos to a big one year old it has been a pleasure working with Jennifer and Brian. We have watched this family grow and are honored to be a part of the milestones. I can remember their beautiful wedding day and then how excited I was to hear they were having a baby. They knew they would be hounded by the hospital photographer but wanted to make sure to set up an appointment with us instead to get the personal attention at our studio. Now Jackson is 1 – how did that even happen! He had a baseball themed birthday so it made sense to include some of that in his photo session. He started off by showing us his bat swinging skills, then continued to amaze us by walking around the boxes we set up for him. Jackson is full of personality which kept all of us very entertained. He wanted to sit when we wanted him to stand, he wanted to stand when we wanted him to sit, he smiled for the camera gave us some silly faces but only when we were acting silly. It was almost like he knew how to get us to act for him because as soon as we stopped he lost his smile. Jennifer wanted to include a board that showed all of his current stats – Jackson preferred to eat cheerios than hold a board. Very typical for a one year session! A smash cake is also perfect for the one year photo shoot, Jackson had already done 3 other cakes with his actually birthday and parties with friends and family. He took a crack at this one too but Brian thought that maybe he has had too much cake recently. None of us were really sure what that meant….too much cake. I’m sure we will all laugh about this during the next session when Jackson is asking for cake!

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Baby Jack

February 28, 2019

Creating a relationship with our clients is one of our strong qualities. We may meet a client to do wedding photos, then continue the relationship when they start a family. That is exactly the case with Kate and Rob. We did their wedding in 2017 then she called recently to let us know they had a newborn named Jack. They wanted to set up a newborn session and while they were here take some family photos. I’m glad that they included themselves in the photos. We often see that parents don’t want to be included in the newborn photos because they don’t like how tired they look or can’t get themselves ready as well as the baby. First of all we make everyone look their best in the photos and second when your children look back at these photos they want to see you in them. They don’t care how small or squishy they were, they want to see how you looked when they were born. You don’t need to be in all the photos but make sure that you get in a few! Jack was very insistent that mom be in all the photos – or at least someone that was holding him. Each time we tried to put him down for some solo shots he immediately woke up and started fussing. We got great photos with the family, mom and Jack, dad and Jack and then even some with RJ (big brother) and Jack. There were a few opportunities to get photos alone of Jack but he was sure to keep us on our toes. He didn’t want to be swaddled or lay on his belly in the photos however he was awake and looking cute in the ones we did get. I’m sure he will do great in his next session – we look forward to watching Jack grow.

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Katie and Jordan

February 19, 2019

Katie contacted us because she was going to be in St. Louis meeting up with her fiancé, Jordan. They currently live in different states and use St. Louis as a meeting point. They thought it would be a good idea to document their recent engagement with an outdoor photo session at Tower Grove park. Since they were only in town for a few days we were going to do the session no matter what. It ended up being about 30 degrees and a bit windy on the session date, at least it wasn’t negative degrees outside! We worked quickly during the mini session to make sure we got all photos before noses started to turn red. It was great to hear that Katie found us by doing an online search. We came up as one of the first photographers on the list, great reviews and perfect session options. Lots of time is spent trying to keep us to the top of search engines and this shows that our hard work pays off. It was so great meeting Katie and Jordan because they have such a great story about living apart from each other but knowing that they were meant to be. Spending time in St. Louis doing all the fun tourist stuff as they fall more in love each day. The wedding won’t be here but if they have trouble finding a photographer perhaps we can talk about traveling to them. It would be great working with these two again in a bit better temperature conditions. They still have lots of photos to enjoy and put around their houses as they wait until the next time they can get together. We wish them the best and hope we can take some more photos the next time they visit.

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