Family in St. Louis

Family in St. Louis

November 30, 2018

Rhonda called our office one day in a panic because she had been looking for photographer and was not having any success. Her whole family was going to be gathering in St. Louis so it was very important to get a family photo taken. They live all in different states so for them to be together was great! She knew there was only one day and really only one time that would work for them…guess what we had it available – well at least within 30 minutes of the time she wanted. It was meant to be. She was thinking forest park because it had many options and it was easy for them to locate since they were not from the area. This worked because our other sessions were in forest park so we just stayed there for Rhonda. After we got everything set with the date and time then she decided it was a good time to tell us the family included 9 boys under the age 14. She mentioned it like I might back out of the session, heck no, this is going to be so much fun! When they arrived we started talking about how we usually pose the family using some chairs or stools. Rhonda was so easy going that the thought of a posy posy photo was not her family. She wanted to be more casual so we just grouped together and started off with the silly boy jokes to get everyone to laugh. We even got them all up on a log which of course they were super excited to climb all over. When we were done Rhonda couldn’t leave without giving us a hug because we had made this process so great for her and the family. I remember hearing the frantic voice over the phone which had now changed to the happiest voice ever as she thanked us over and over! It’s moments like this that make the harder days totally worth it – we create memories and we want them all to be great ones.

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Anthony and Meghan

November 30, 2018

Anthony and Meghan knew they were meant for each other! After they were engaged we got a call from a family member that wanted to gift them engagement photos. What a perfect idea! We were able to get them in on a Saturday which turned out to be a beautiful day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We met in forest park because it gave us lots of options for the fall color, bridges, rocks, benches and much more. When they arrived I could see they were super excited to have these photos taken. A bit nervous not knowing what to expect but that quickly went away after only a few photos since we clicked instantly they felt comfortable in front of the camera. I did some posed photos but each time I would have them look at one another it was truly magical. They just did all the right things, laughter, sweet kisses, smiles…the list goes on. We talked about how they met and what brought them both to St. Louis since they are not from the area. They are currently in school here but of course taking time to enjoy all the great St. Louis attractions. Meghan and I talked a bit about how it’s nice to dress up and wear heels for photos but it wasn’t really something she normally did, I totally agreed and gave her some props for even attempting it. It would have been great to work with them all day but I had to get to another session and I think I already took too many anyway! Lots of good options for them to view, include on a wedding website and share with family and friends. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future. Have fun with all the wedding planning!

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Baby Xena

November 30, 2018

Newborn photos are part of our birthday club which is great because this is an important moment to capture.  If this is the first child or another addition to the family, either way it’s great to get photos right away after the new baby arrives.  Ann contacted us before Xena arrived to information on the session options including the birthday club. She had done a newborn session with her first baby, Dexter, however the photographer does not travel to locations close to the family so she was on the lookout for a new photographer. She found us, not only is our studio close to her home but we will also travel to any nearby park or location for the session. Ann decided the best option for the newborn session was in their home. Due to our schedule Xena was 10 days when we did the session, Ann was hoping we would still get a great newborn session. When I arrived mom and dad were finishing up getting ready, of course they are always last now that they have two kids! So Dexter and I got to know each other a bit, it really helped him relax for photos. We started with a few family photos and then of course after all that time getting ready Xena wanted to eat. So Dexter showed me some of his amazing soccer skills while mom fed Xena. Watch out world 2 year old Dexter will take you by storm with his dribbling and shooting when he grows up. When we got back into the photo session Xena was amazing, she slept most of the time, but also gave us open eyes and didn’t mind being switched from one pose to another. I’m not sure how Ann is going to pick photos she was worried she wouldn’t get any and now she has so many options. Looking forward to working with everyone again at the 4 month session since you are now part of the birthday club family.

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Family before the rain

November 15, 2018

Katie and Matt used our services when they got married. Now it was time for some family portraits so of course they would contact us. We went back and forth on a good time but since the weather was getting cold fast and the light would soon be changing we were limited. However we were able to find a time that worked! We met at Queeny park since it was between both of our locations, this helped with how early they would have to be ready. We are always willing to meet out on location anywhere around the area so that it makes it less stressful for the families who have enough to worry about getting ready for a session. There was some rain moving in but we were going to get everything done before it hit us. Although David informed me that when I had him laying on the ground a rain drop got him in the eye. But he quickly brushed it off and kept smiling…or laughing actually. Katie and Matt told him that to get the best smile pretend that someone is tickling him so he will laugh. I couldn’t stop laughing behind the camera because every time I went to take a photo David would giggle. It was amazing! His little brother Johnny also had a great smile but he was so interested in the stuff around him outside that we had to work a bit harder for his grin. The boys were so great that we were able to get lots of different images, mom with each boy, dad with each boy, the family, the boys alone, the boys together – it is going to very hard for Katie and Matt to pick. The shy David that got out of the car was a very different kid by the time we were done, I think I have a new friend! The last thing we got was a photo of Katie and Matt together and as I went to take the photo I heard some giggling, but this time it wasn’t David, it was Matt. I guess that trick works for him too, I’ll have to have everyone do it from now on. Thanks for the tip.

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Lizzie and Vineet

November 15, 2018

Another fabulous day in St. Louis! Another beautiful wedding awaits.

We met the bride Lizzie at the Seasons Salon and Spa. The place has a beautiful Bridal Suite to get ready in. It has a nice place to hang the dress for photographs, a widespread mirror for the girls to use ad plenty of privacy. Each of the girls had their own stylist to make the process much faster.

Upon leaving, the bride was greeted at the door by Joe Barbaglia and his spectacular Rolls Royce. Joe’s a perfect gentleman and we have worked with him on many weddings including his own!

Next it was on to St. Ambrose Church, “On the Hill” to meet the guys. Vineet was all smiles when we arrived and more than ready for us to capture photos of him and his guys.. His brother was his best man.

The ceremony couldn’t go wrong with Msg. Bommarito officiating and the grandeur of the interior of the church. The music was heavenly with the voice of Heather Wessels. We also photographed Heather’s wedding a few years ago. (I’m feeling special right about now!)

We moved on to Lafayette Park for bridal portraits and fun candid photos. The black iron bridge is a really popular place to be. The wedding party was joy to work with making our job very easy.

We worked out way back out of the park and went on our way to Amsterdam Tavern. There, we took photos of the couple where they first met and where they first kissed. We found out later, when the bride’s sister Abby gave her toast, that Vineet’s first words to Lizzy were “I’ve been watching you.” Abby suggested “He may be a creeper.” Turns out, he was the love she was looking for,

The reception was held at the Mahler Ballroom. The entire place has been updated including the bar area and downstairs lounge area, We are lucky to have these venues with so much architectural history in St. Louis.

The dance between the couple was perfect. We could feel the emotion fill the room. The dancing continued into the evening to end a wonderful day.

Congratulations Lizzy and Vineet and Thank You for choosing Ravetta Photography to be a part of your special day.
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Katie and Tony

November 8, 2018

Wedding planning can be a big task, very overwhelming for many people. I have known Katie and Tony for a few years and when I heard they were engaged I thought planning a wedding was not something they were interested in doing. It wouldn’t have surprised me if one day they just went to the court house to get it done quickly. However with the help of Tony’s mom they started planning the perfect wedding. They knew photos were necessary but wasn’t something they were interested in doing all day. They didn’t want to go to lots of locations or spend too much time with photos… or so I thought! We definitely went to a bunch of locations but we kept it short at each one giving them lots of photos options but also time to relax on the limo with the wedding party. When we arrived at the house with the girls we quickly realized this was going to be a very fun day! Katie look radiant in her dress – she was very excited to get in it, but the shoes were a different story. After about 3 minutes in her heels she switched to flip flops, it made total sense anyway since we were doing all the photos before in the park. With a bit a rain moving around we were not sure if we would get hit while at the park but we took the chance in order to get amazing photos. An the photos were more than amazing with the perfect overcast lighting, an animated wedding party and a couple that just loved to have fun together. Other than the park some photo stops included The Hill, their first home and the cigar shop for the boys! Since all photos were being done early at the church we headed there to get started. I could see that Katie was quickly getting tired of photos so we went as fast as possible. They both had a few minutes to relax before the ceremony began, we always make this happen because we do not want anyone being rush right before the ceremony. I took a moment to make sure they were enjoying the day. They were both ready to get it started and move to the celebration. Many special people were included in the ceremony including co-workers and family – the celebrant was a relative of Tony’s, very special to have him there to join the couple. The reception was so classic and beautiful. For two people that didn’t really want to plan a wedding this day turned out perfect! After some special moments I put down the camera and joined the party which doesn’t happen very often. I really enjoyed celebrating with everyone. Congratulations!!

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Dallas is One

November 8, 2018

It is time to do one year photos for Dallas! We did photos when she was born and then had the pleasure of photographing Danielle and Dane’s wedding in the spring. Dallas was a super cute flower girl! Now she is getting so big. She isn’t walking on her own which is actually perfect for photos because she would stay in one spot. However she loves to walk holding mom and dad’s hands. So much that when we stopped she got very mad at us. However Danielle warned us that might be the case so we saved those photos for the end. When we all arrived Danielle informed us that half of the outfit was left back at home. Well luckily it was the bottom half so we were able to do a few close up photos in the cute flowered outfit Dallas was wearing. Outfits are important but really it’s all about that cute little baby face! Since this was a one year session of course she had an outfit with ONE on it and a unicorn – the theme of her birthday is unicorns. The rainbow tutu was absolutely adorable. Dallas likes to be swung up in the air so when we did family photos Danielle lifted her up and set her back down quickly to get the smile. It worked perfectly, might have been hard on Danielle’s arms but it’s all worth that wonderful smile. Dallas had a great time showing us leaves and rocks she found as she sat near the pond. It was cracking us up because it seemed like each rock she grabbed was bigger than the last one. Keeping kids entertained is a big part of a photography session. It gives us a more natural smile which parents love, that is unless they are so intent on looking at rocks that they don’t want to smile! We got some great smiles anyway I’m sure mom and dad will be very happy.

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Kristin and Tim

November 8, 2018

After working with Kristin and Tim during their engagement session I was very excited for their wedding day. I knew it was going to be a great day! They are both so filled with joy and surrounded by a great group of friends made the day extra fun. We started with some photos of the girls getting ready at the salon before we headed to meet the boys at the church. A neighborhood wedding is also great because we get to see so many people we have worked with in the past or see around as we spend time with our families. The girls were keeping it together prior to the ceremony…someone had to because the boys were already having a good time. Silly poses, poking fun at each other and having a fantastic time had begun and would continue the whole day with this group. After the beautiful ceremony the girls were ready to join in the fun! I may have been a bit chilly this October afternoon, but we were just pleased that it was not raining like the prior day. We can all deal with cold, besides it made for some wonderful lighting while we were at the park doing photos. Of course we got so nice posed photos of the group, but the candids are just amazing. We couldn’t stop the wedding party from having a good time together – and why would we! We love when a group of people interact so well together that we have tons of great photos. Another special part of this day was that Kristin and Tim included his daughter Lilly in lots of ways throughout the day. She got ready at the salon with the girls, did a sand ceremony with them at the church, came to the park for photos and also had a very special dance with dad at the reception. A perfect way to start a new family! After a quick stop to the bar where they met, Tim still had her phone number in his wallet from that night (not a current number but still, so sweet that he kept it) The fun continued into the reception, I’m sure after we left it never stopped. It was a great day with Kristin and Tim, I have no idea how they are going to pick from all the great photos we took.

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Lauren and Andrew

November 1, 2018

When a wedding is planning so far in advance it is a guess as to what the weather will be, especially around here. It could be 40 degrees in September or 70 degrees in November. As we left in the morning one wonderful day mid-October we knew that the forecast was calling for rain. There is nothing we can do when it’s raining outside but look for alternative places for photos. We first went to see the boys and they were anxiously waiting a pizza delivery which was slow due to the weather. Otherwise they were in good spirits and ready to do some photos. Andrew was very relaxed, couldn’t wait to see Lauren at the church. After a few photos of the girls getting ready at a second location we all headed to the church. Lauren was bummed the weather was not great however she knew the most important part of the day was that she was going to get married to Andrew. So she didn’t let the rain bother her as we took photos of the girls inside the church. Lauren had to then hide in the balcony while we worked with the boys on the altar. Andrew was instructed not to peek but I wonder if Lauren got a look before it was time for the ceremony. The reception was at Bogey Hills country club and luckily the rain had slowed to a mist by the time we got there. A bit chilly but we had to take advantage and do some photos outside under the gazebo…and with a golf cart of course. I bet these are going to be their favorite photos because it really shows how happy they were to be married and looking forward to celebrating with family and friends during the reception. And what a celebration it was! The dance floor was packed the whole time with laughter as Lauren and Andrew almost seemed in another world just the two of them dancing – they really enjoyed the whole day and that’s the best thing to do when you can’t do anything about the weather. Remember a wet knot is harder to untie!

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Kayla and Kyle

November 1, 2018

Photographing a wedding is always fun, but there’s something extra special when you get to photograph one for a family member! When my cousin Kyle and his fiancée Kayla asked me to be a part of their wedding day by doing their photography I couldn’t have been happier! We met the bridal party downtown where the ladies were finishing up their hair and make-up. After a few last minute adjustments to make sure Kayla’s hair was just right she headed downstairs to meet Kyle. He was so excited to see Kayla and it showed in their sweet first look photos! Luckily we had a beautiful, if a bit warm, afternoon for some outdoor photos. After stopping for a few images at the graffiti wall we headed to the much shadier Lafayette Park for some park photos. We had a fun time roaming the park and the bridal party kept us all laughing the whole time. Our last stop before the ceremony was Laumeier Sculpture Park, a place that has special meaning for Kyle since he used to go there as a kid with his grandpa. We stopped at a couple of his favorite sculptures for some fun, unique photos before heading to the ceremony and reception!
At Andre’s Sunset Hills we met up with the rest of Kyle and Kayla’s families, including their son Kale. He was so excited to see his parents and we made sure to take plenty of family photos with this adorable, funny boy! He posed so well and gave us plenty of wonderful smiles. Their ceremony overlooked the golf course and they had a beautiful sunset to cap off the evening. We had so much fun capturing their wedding day and we wish Kyle and Kayla the best as they start married life together!

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