Sweet Newborn

Sweet Newborn

February 19, 2019

Newborn sessions are some of my favorite sessions that we do at the studio. However they are also some of the most difficult. There are many factors that go into planning a newborn session and we also have to be flexible when our vision changes. Prior to the session we pick out some wraps, backgrounds, hats or bows. We want to be prepared when the family arrives making smooth transitions from one pose to the next helps the newborn stay calm. We can be fumbling for the next prop that might be buried in the drawer in the prop room, everything needs to be close at hand. But no matter how much we plan each session we never know how the newborn will react to the poses. Some babies love to be wrapped up while others will cry if you try. If they come in with a full belly or eat during the session then a tummy pose is not the best right away. Newborn sessions take time and so we plan time in order to keep everyone at ease. We recommend at least the hour session for any newborn photos because we want to make sure to get the perfect photos which sometimes means taking a feed break, a snuggle with mom break or even just patience as the baby falls asleep. This particular session we only got a few photos before he woke up, but even though he was awake he was so relaxed and looked straight at the camera for most of the photos. After doing a pregnancy session with this family we were excited to meet the new addition. Originally they thought they could do mini session but quickly realized why at least an hour of time was needed. Don’t rush those precious moments schedule time and let us work some magic to get those perfect photos.

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Jennifer and Matt

January 31, 2019

Jennifer and Matt were putting a wedding together quickly, or at least they thought it was quick. However we have worked with other couples that planned a wedding in only 1 month! They both came into the office to discuss package options for their December wedding. It worked out that the best option was our package that has one photographer for 8 hours and the second there 4 hours. Since everything would basically be taking place in on spot it made sense that after the ceremony one photographer could get what was needed. We started at the hotel with Jen who was having a great morning. It is so fun to have the opportunity to spend with the bride as she prepares for the wedding. She was trying to keep everyone on time because she knew Matt would start wondering what was going on as he waited in the lobby for the first look. After an emotional first look we headed to city hall for photos. Since it was around 30 degrees outside it wasn’t in the plan to spend a bunch of time outside. Jennifer used our suggestion and got a permit for photos in city hall. Although we did talk get a few photos of them outside with the arch in the background. Everyone headed to the Patty Long Catering 9th Street Abbey, both the ceremony and reception were in this location. There was plenty of time to get all the family photos done before the guest arrived and even time for the couple to relax before the big moment. A beautiful ceremony complete with personal vows written by Jennifer and Matt. This venue has a cocktail area upstairs that they use while they flip the room to the reception, in about 45 minutes the room was totally transformed into something different. From the isle chairs and altar decorations to tables decorated perfectly with a winter theme. It was great to see the families laugh during the toast and then get out on the dance floor together. Such a pleasure to work with this couple for their amazing winter wedding!

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Family Photos

January 31, 2019

On a day in December when the weather was in the low 50’s we gathered with a family at their house. Everyone was together in St. Louis for the holidays so it was a must to get a family photo taken. This family is literally spread across the United States, with some on the East coast, some on the West coast and then others right here in St. Louis. It was great that this photo session was able to happen while they were all here. The hope was for the weather to be nice so photos could be outside but of course the backup plan would be in the house. There was a bit of wind but we were able to work pretty quickly before everyone froze! The great thing about being at the house was when we were doing individual family photos everyone else could go inside to keep warm. It’s great to be welcomed to someone’s home because it makes the photos more personal. Of course since this large group had a few children we needed to bring a couple toys with us. However our little monkey friend was all we needed, the kids got a kick out of him jumping around behind the camera. Then they wanted to know if we bring him to make them smile, yes we do, but sometimes he helps make the adults smile too! All families took advantage of a photo because it was so nice to have this opportunity for a professional photographer capturing these moments. We always thank the organizer of these session because getting over 20 people together at the same time in the same place, dressed for a photo session is quite an achievement. It was so nice to spend time with this family, a bit cold, but thank you for sticking it out to get some wonderful family photos.

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The boys

January 24, 2019

We have said it many, many times before but if the opportunity ever comes up to take photos make sure you don’t miss it. A quick phone call doesn’t hurt for anyone to check our schedule. Odds are we can fit in a mini session near the time you want, if not a full session at the exact time that works. Rita worked with us for senior photos and loved the quality work she received. Therefore she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a photo of all her boys together while they were in town for Christmas. All five boys in one place…that never happens now that they are living all over or in college. She called the office a few days before Christmas hoping we could make something work but wouldn’t be surprised if we couldn’t since it was so last minute. The only day they could do was the day after Christmas, luckily we had two options for her. A full session in the afternoon or a mini session in the morning would both fit into her schedule and ours. Rita thought for a second and realized that with five boys about 30 minutes was all she would get out of them anyway. She was so happy that it worked out, all she had to do was call the studio and ask. She would have never forgiven herself if she didn’t at least try to get something scheduled. We were happy it worked out for her, the boys were great to work with and dad even said “hey they don’t sit still and smile when we ask them to” Sometimes it just takes another person to get that great photo! It was a pleasure to capture these guys together because they kept me laughing the whole time. Perhaps we will get the opportunity again!

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Sarah and Jason

January 24, 2019

Sarah and Jason were a pleasure to meet when we sat down to discuss wedding plans. Sarah has been familiar with our quality work for many years. Starting with senior photos and then her sister’s wedding we feel like we are part of the family. It also seems like we see her parents at numerous weddings we photograph. It’s always great to catch up! This time it was nice to get to know Jason since it’s the first time we have ever met. We talked about the schedule and some photo ideas for the wedding but first to get the engagement session scheduled. We picked a date around Thanksgiving since everyone was available with Botanical Gardens as the location. The day before it rained all day but on the day they were scheduled it was wonderful. The garden gave us lots of options to not have to sit in the wet grass. We all forgot that it would be decorated for Christmas but the farther back in the garden we went it became less crowded with less decorations.  They were happy to take some posing direction but as we got going they fell into the poses very easily. It’s always a bit strange at first with couple because they feel strange with people watching them having photos taken when they are not sure what to do. However as soon as they realize that I’m there to fix the small things making them look their best everyone relaxes. Sarah and Jason were surprised by the people watching them but after a bit they ignored it making the photos more natural as they looked at each other. We are looking forward to working with them again for the wedding. I know they will be relaxed ready for a day of photos!

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Allyson and Alex

January 2, 2019

Allyson visited our booth at a bridal show, although she knew she wanted to work with us for the wedding as soon as she started planning. It was great to chat with her since the last time we had seen each other was a few years back at her sister’s wedding. We are very excited to work with the family again. With busy schedules it was a few months before she could get into the office to talk about the package details. It was very nice to meet Alex when they came into the office. He had some great thoughts about the wedding photos and I can see how these two fit together so well. Then after a package was selected and we knew an engagement session would be included we got it scheduled right away. There were a few openings the day after Thanksgiving so we picked some location options hoping for nice weather. Well….we got a gross misty rain! Not fun! I was going to be out of the office all day on other sessions so I emailed Allyson early morning to find out if we were a go no matter what or if she wanted to reschedule. We thought the Jewel box in forest park would be nice so we decided to meet anyway. Turns out they are closed the day after Thanksgiving, heads up for anyone that may want to go there. With the rain we needed other options which brought us to the Muny area and the world’s fair pavilion. Despite being a bit cold the spots were perfect – lighting was great, Allyson and Alex were great, just a fun session all around – even with the rain. The wedding is in December so who knows what type of weather we will get but I know that no matter what these two are going to enjoy the day. I look forward to working with them again.

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Katherine and John

January 2, 2019

We got a call from Katherine’s mom because we had done senior photos for her and now she was engaged! It was very exciting so they wanted to do some engagement photos. We selected a date having no idea what the weather would be – we were quickly surprised be winter weather when it had been nice days prior. When I arrived we talked about working quickly because of the cold but at the same time we would have to make sure to get wonderful photos and not look cold. Katherine and John were happy to snuggle up together to stay warm but also giving me those perfect engagement photos. Between shots they put on coats and gloves but of course that didn’t last long because we moved right into the next pose before we all froze. They brought their puppy with them for some photos as well as a friend to do some dog watching when we were not using the puppy in photos. She quickly became the coat holder as well! I was so lucky that Katherine and John posed together perfectly because it would have been much harder and taken longer if they needed a ton of directions in each pose. I did have to mention to John not to hold his hand in a fist like he was cold but that was really about it when it came to correcting the way they posed together. When I originally talked with mom she said that a digital option would be the best so they would have all the photos. I am really happy they decided that because they have too many photos to only pick a few. We talked about the wedding plans which are moving along even though it’s not until spring of 2020. Better to stay on top of all the planning than waiting until the last minute. We hope to have the opportunity to work with them on the wedding day as well! Congratulations.

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Big Brother, Big Sister

December 20, 2018

We love to watch our families grow. We started working with Jenny and Kevin at their wedding. Then the welcomed twins about 3 years ago and we have been photographing them in studio and on location. Now we got to meet the newest addition to the family, Henry! When we arrived at the house for a newborn session we were happy to see big sister, Maggie, and big brother, Ben who were excited to show us their new brother. It took some convincing for us to get Ben in photos with his siblings but once we got going he did great. They both laid on the ground next to Henry, gave him kisses and even held him while sitting on the couch. They are going to be wonderful big siblings. Henry seemed to be tuckered out after all the photos with Maggie and Ben. He was a perfect angel for his photos alone. We went from one pose to another with minimal fussing from him. Maggie and Ben wanted to watch but it was best for them to have some playtime in order to keep it quiet for Henry. However I’m sure it’s not quiet normally for him so he should probably get use to the noise. Jenny decided it was best to enroll Henry in the birthday club just like the other kids. This way she would get updated photos often, discounts on prints and not have to pay any session fees. Our birthday club really is the greatest deal! We will see everyone again soon for 3 year photos and 4 month photos. We hope things are still going as well as they are going now. I bet Ben and Maggie will be pros at being big siblings by then – they were already off to a good start!

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Running in the park

December 20, 2018

Tracie and Matt have been clients for years. But it seems like the years are going by faster and faster. We did their wedding, got a call to do newborn photos and now it was time to update family pictures. However I couldn’t believe that Taylor was almost 2 years old! How did that happen – time just flies by so fast sometimes that I can’t even believe it. I usually don’t give everyone my cell phone number but I knew that with their session first thing in the morning and rain in the forecast it was best to be able to keep in touch. I am so happy I did because it was raining that morning so I wanted to be sure we were still going to meet at Tower Grove park. By the time we met the rain had stopped, of course the ground was very wet but the fall colors were perfect. Taylor was non-stop talking during the whole session. Sometimes with kids you just have to smile and nod because it’s not very clear what they are saying. Taylor spoke very clearly and was able to tell us exactly what she wanted. At first she wanted to play with the dogs that were passing by. Then she decided the ducks were super interesting. She insisted that mom and dad sit next to her at all times, close but not too close! She love the red trees, the crabapples that we used as balls and the green benches. We needed to take a break for a snack in a place of her choosing as well as hold hands when we walked anywhere. This feisty little girl was so much fun! She was in charge but between all these tasks I was able to get some great smile from her, the action shots were even better. I know Tracie and Matt will have the perfect photo for their wall. I look forward to working them again.

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Fall Session

December 20, 2018

I love to get calls from people that got our donated gift certificate at a local school or auction. This is a great way for us to meet new people and also help a great cause. Jackie wanted to use the certificate that she got for a family session. She was looking for fall leaves but we had to just settle on a date and hope we could find some. I often suggest Lafayette park because that park tends to have some great color. However this year it seems that with the weather going up and down that the colors we are used to having are not as great this year. When we arrived the family had already looked around the park a bit for the trees they liked. Honestly the found the best trees! We also used some great gates in the park, so many options. Originally we talked about the goal of the session and Jackie stated that she wanted a family photo and them some images of Nathan both posed and then showing his personality. Well after 2 minutes of being with Nathan I knew we would have no trouble getting some personality photos. He started posing he own photos and picking spots he thought would be great – some were perfect but others were silly (like under the bridge with a troll face to scare away the people above) However this just kept me laughing the whole session. I have a son the same age so I after meeting Nathan I knew exactly what Jackie meant. My son has a similar personality and the last time we did photos I was sure to give him some say in where were went or the types of poses. This really helped to get the perfect natural smiles, just like I got with Nathan. I hope to have the opportunity to work with this family again, they were so much fun.

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