Ayden and family

August 18, 2017

It seems like it has been a long time since Tyler and I had talked about setting up and appointment for Ayden’s birthday club photos. I think it’s because we have moved it a few times due to weather, in May we were thinking it would rain, in June it was very hot with a possibility of rain so finally July we were able to get the session done on a beautiful day! We did some photos in the fall and boy has Ayden grown since then. He is such a talker now and with lots of personality. He was very excited to share with me his love for trains, trucks, cars. We were even lucky that an airplane went by because he loves those too. Along with his love for everything that moves he enjoys peek-a-boo. Now it did take him a bit to warm up to the idea of playing with me but once he did we had a great time. I just love walking through the park having a great conversation with 2-3 year olds. They are so excited to tell people about their little world. I’m happy to take a moment to leave the busy world us adults live in and see everything from a kid’s point of view. We got some super cute photos with dad and Ayden, also a bunch of the family and Ayden alone. Mom and dad said he isn’t a big teeth smiler but once we got going he had lots of smiles to give. As with all toddlers he quickly decided photos were over, he needed a snack and a rest. So we took a moment to do all of those things – Ayden bounced back for a few more because he was actually done. Besides it being a beautiful day it was still warm so everyone was just about done anyway. I was lucky to have made a new friend as we talked about all the things he loves while sneaking in a few photos.

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