Baby Christian

April 5, 2019

After the maternity session a few weeks ago Caitlyn talked about picking a date for her newborn session. Since she has been working with us for many years she knew that when Christian was born she wanted to join him into our birthday club. Our club is a onetime fee which will include 16 sessions and discounts on prints! It’s such a great deal – too good to pass up. The plan for Christian’s newborn session was a few family photos, some photos of brothers and then those special angelic images of Christian alone. Big brother Brendan loves having a little brother, giving him kisses before bed and showing him the toys. However he was not interested in taking too many photos which is pretty typical of a 2 year old big brother. We worked quickly by distracting Brendan to get some great smiles for the family photos. Then David brought in the dad skills and “flew” Brendan over to give his brother some sweet kisses. These photos will have special memories since they are the first ones of the new family. I’m sure we will take many more as the boys grow up and we will laugh at our efforts here because they will love being brothers – taking perfect photos together. Brendan was then free to play with dad while we worked with sweet baby Christian. Caitlyn was lucky to get some awake photos because most newborns that are less than 10 days are usually asleep the whole session. Christian wanted to show off those blue eyes. He eventually fell asleep so really mom and dad now have the best of both to look at in their photos. Thanks for letting us be a part of your family and your memories, it’s always a pleaure.

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