Baby Clare

July 18, 2017

Jennifer got our name from her sister-in-law who has been using our services since her wedding. She is always telling people she knows about our birthday club. It’s really the best option for families that want to keep the photo memories updated. Jennifer contacted us way back in January because she knew a baby was on the way and wanted to become a part of the Ravetta family. When baby Clare arrived mom contacted us from the hospital so she could get the next earliest appointment. It’s best to get in as soon as possible so you can get those moldable baby photos. At one week Clare was just as sweet as could be! We traveled to Jennifer and Brad’s home because they felt like that would be the best option and we are more than happy to make it easy for the new mom and dad. Clare started off strong with some family photos, it work out perfectly because then she was ready to eat and we worked on photos of just her. While she had a moment with mom we were able to talk with Brad. He told us about how Jennifer helped to decorate the house when she moved in with him, the great arrival of Clare and how the first week at home has been for the new family. Most babies are awake for a few photos after eating and then fall asleep, not Clare she was wide awake for a while so Jennifer and Brad have many photos of their bright eyed baby! After a bit of fighting the sleep we used some white noise, she was wonderful for the last few poses and set changes. As a part of the birthday club I am excited to watch Clare grow up, we are off to a good start with these newborn photos!

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