Baby Clayton

September 5, 2017

Always, Always exciting to get a call from a past wedding couple that have expanded their family. They have welcomed a baby into their lives and want us to capture the moments. We started with engagement photos of Melissa and Tom, we instantly saw how much they were meant for each other. The wedding was beautiful with a few memorable moments, especially Tom’s ring that was turning his finger purple! In the past few years they have been in to order wall prints from the wedding and we have talked about the traveling that they wanted to do before starting a family. They have accomplished that goal and now have an amazing son to add to the adventures. Clayton is such a great baby. When photographing babies around 3 months we always try to remember a few keep points. Babies want to get familiar with the people around them. We know it can be scary with the flashing lights, big camera and new faces. So we take a few moments (more if needed) to interact with the babies between photos so they know everything is alright. At this age it’s best to try a few different posing options because they are still getting use to each position. Clayton did great at sitting up, was a big guy holding his head up on his tummy but of course his favorite position was laying on the floor with mom close by! Clayton has so many faces and we may have gotten them all during this session. It will be so fun for Melissa and Tom to look back to see all his great expressions at this point in his life. We got a few smiles but he made us work for those with silly voices, songs and noises. It’s great to have lots of options to get smiles from babies although nothing compares to the voices of mom and dad. Looking forward to seeing Clayton grow up!

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