Baby Frankie

August 22, 2018

A long time ago in a high school not so far away I met Kate. We quickly became friends and spent the rest of our high school years attending parties, working together on projects when we were in class together, traveling on the cheer squad and laughing through all the amazing times we had. We kept in touch when she went away to college, always making sure to get together when she was in town. Then she moved back home making it easier keep up with what was going on in our lives. It’s crazy to think that those two crazy high school girls now have two boys each, time is moving so fast! I have photographed her wedding when she married the hilarious and witty, Mike. Then continued capturing memories when Otis arrived. Of course we wanted to continue the traditions we started many years ago when Franklin joined the family. Working with friends I love how comfortable we are about not feeling the need sugar coat how things are. I got a text right before I arrived saying they were running a bit behind because Franklin wouldn’t stop pooping, haha. They were not quite ready when I arrived, which was totally fine with me because I got to work with Franklin while everyone finished up. Otis was a great helper to me, asked lots of questions about what I was doing and happy to tell me what a good big brother he was. Despite a crazy morning for mom and dad Franklin was perfect for me. Lots of photos of him, some with Otis – who was also a great listener and did exactly what I asked him to do! We got in family photos in the front yard as well as some newborn photos outside. Taking advantage of the nice weather for a change! I am so happy to have yet another boy in our group of friends, all these kids are going to have a great time growing up together.

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