Baby Girl

September 20, 2019

Don’t ever miss those precious newborn moments. After you deliver in the hospital they come in to talk to you about newborn photos while you are there. I remember after having children that I was not looking great or feeling up to dealing with those photos. Not to mention they are very generic, nothing special from one session to the next. What Ravetta photography can offer is a customized session at your convenience. We will come to your home if you prefer nursey room photos or we also have a studio well equipped to capture those first special photos. We recommend taking photos within the first two weeks. This gives you some time to get home and settled before you jump into those newborn photos. However try not to wait too much longer than 14 days because after that the baby becomes more away and aware of everything, making it much harder to capture those sleepy baby photos. I met this sweet baby because mom called and wanted to get a session right away. She was already 10 days old so we were able to work her in the same week she called. Sometimes we get a call from mom while she is still at the hospital wanted to set up an appointment however other times it doesn’t go as planned there so they call when they get home. This sweet one was asleep for part of the session and then awake for a bit which gives mom and dad some great options. Also big brother was there to help – he did a wonderful job of posing and waiting for his little sister to get ready. It was a pleasure photographing this family and I hope I have the opportunity to do so again. Thanks for contacting us!

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