Baby Gordon

August 15, 2019

Becoming a parent can be a tough task, but once it happens you wouldn’t change it for anything. From day one it’s an amazing adventure! Children don’t come with an instruction manual, but if they did right after the first point of “your best is good enough” it would say make sure to capture each and every precious moment. Even better than that would be to find a photographer you trust to capture these moments for you, we would be honored to be this photographer. Of course you can take photos at home of each new face or milestone they accomplish as they grow, however professional photos are a must. We offer a birthday club package if you are interested in getting multiple sessions as they grow. Otherwise a few sessions here and there are great too.
Gordon is off to a great start with his newborn session. When mom called we were able to get them in right away for a session. He was 12 days old, just as sweet as could be and totally willing to work with us on the poses we wanted to do. Just like all newborns when we move from one pose to another they are not very happy about it but Gordon calmed down quickly to give us some great photos. Mom and dad are adjusting and learning day by day. Not only are they learning they are teaching Gordon to be a Blues fan – we did some photos with his Stanley Cup Champs shirt and hockey puck. Next thing we know he will be out on the ice with dad! We hope to have the opportunity to photograph Gordon many more times, to watch him grow, watch his personality shine and capture all those special moments that mom and dad will cherish forever.

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