Baby Jack

February 28, 2019

Creating a relationship with our clients is one of our strong qualities. We may meet a client to do wedding photos, then continue the relationship when they start a family. That is exactly the case with Kate and Rob. We did their wedding in 2017 then she called recently to let us know they had a newborn named Jack. They wanted to set up a newborn session and while they were here take some family photos. I’m glad that they included themselves in the photos. We often see that parents don’t want to be included in the newborn photos because they don’t like how tired they look or can’t get themselves ready as well as the baby. First of all we make everyone look their best in the photos and second when your children look back at these photos they want to see you in them. They don’t care how small or squishy they were, they want to see how you looked when they were born. You don’t need to be in all the photos but make sure that you get in a few! Jack was very insistent that mom be in all the photos – or at least someone that was holding him. Each time we tried to put him down for some solo shots he immediately woke up and started fussing. We got great photos with the family, mom and Jack, dad and Jack and then even some with RJ (big brother) and Jack. There were a few opportunities to get photos alone of Jack but he was sure to keep us on our toes. He didn’t want to be swaddled or lay on his belly in the photos however he was awake and looking cute in the ones we did get. I’m sure he will do great in his next session – we look forward to watching Jack grow.

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