Baby James

June 19, 2018

There are times we wonder what our past clients have been up to in the years since we have seen them. We do many portraits, events and weddings each year. Of course we see some families back yearly or maybe even more than once a year. When we photograph events where there are lots of people in attendance that notice our comfort behind the camera and then call us for portraits of themselves. Our wedding clients are a bit different because they are just getting started. Often they are looking for a new home, moving from one to another, traveling, finding the perfect career or many other adventures they embark on after the wedding day. When we get a call from these couples that they have started a family and would like us to take newborn photos we are just beyond excited. Mom and dad welcomed James about a month ago, took a bit of time to get settled and were now ready for photos. The newborn photos are best in the first 7-10 days but every once in a while we get a baby that proves that wrong. James was that baby – sleeping during the first half of the session while letting us change his position into anything we wanted. He was a dream! Then we tried to do some naked baby photos….he was not a fan. He decided it was time to wake up and eat, however even after eating he wasn’t having those naked photos. As soon as he got his diaper back on he went back to sleep, such a little stinker! Mom wanted a few photos with his eyes open but no matter what we tried James wanted to take sleepy baby photos. We laughed at ourselves trying anything we could think of to wake him up – who tries to wake a sleeping baby! We do, well after we have all the sleeping photos we want first of course. Thanks for bringing James in and we hope to welcome you to our birthday club in the future.

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