Baby Jonah

July 31, 2018

If you keep up with all of our blog post then you know we have mentioned before how important it is to try and get newborn photos within the first 2 weeks if you want those squishy posable babies. We knew Mark and Shannon were expecting because her mom came in to purchase a gift certificate for a session. Not only did she get one session, she signed them up for the birthday club which is the best deal we can offer. For a one time membership fee they will get 16 session and discounts on prints until baby is 12. We are so excited to watch this little one grow. We got the call that Jonah was born on 6/20, luckily we had a session time available only 8 days after he was born. Mom and dad came in with a few things from the nursery to make the photos extra special to them. Of course we have plenty of props but it is always fun using some new items that were gifts to a new arrival. Blankets, stuffed animals and signs helped to set Jonah’s session apart from others. We usually have about 6 things in mind when we start off a newborn session. Most babies make it through 4, but rarely do they get to all 6 we just have options ready because some babies like to be swaddled and others don’t – be flexible. Jonah didn’t cry once, he transitioned from one thing to the next perfectly, it’s that magical time in the first 2 weeks that allows us to mold and pose babies in any way we want before they are awake longer. He would open his eyes just to look around for a bit and then went right back to sleep in his cozy pose. He didn’t even mind being naked – lots of babies hate being naked. We are so happy that we got to meet Jonah for his newborn session. We look forward to working with him another 15 times!

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