Baby Nolan

April 13, 2018

Yet again I have been trusted to photograph a special moment in a family members’ life. Molly and Spencer let me photograph their wedding and now as they start a family together newborn photos of Nolan were a must! Nolan was awake ready for photos when I arrived. He has so much hair Molly isn’t sure how to comb it or what to do. Bed hair – don’t care! That’s probably what Nolan is thinking. It’s so cute that Nolan has a natural wrinkle in his forehead that makes him look concerned. Add the full head of hair and he looks like a tiny little man wondering what is going on as I wrapped him all up for photos. He was looking all around the room, very alert which gave Molly and Spencer some great awake photos. The nursery has such a great little farm them, lots of lambs and awesome décor. It’s always great to see each nursery with all the unique items for each baby I meet. I mentioned to Molly that usually after a bottle babies will fall asleep allowing me to work from one pose to the next easily. Nolan was too excited for photos and ready to party. Even after a bottle he was alert, no matter what we tried he stayed awake most of the time I was there. He relaxed during each pose allowing me to get perfect photos. I even got a great smile! Nolan proved he is his own little man and despite the “norm” of a sleeping baby newborn session he gave me bright eyes and smiles instead. It’s rare for parents to get these types of photos which make them even more special. I am excited to watch Nolan grow into his personality as Molly and Spencer grow as parents. They are already off to a wonderful start!

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