Benton is 1

March 8, 2018

Benton makes our hearts soar! We did photos of him when he was born so it’s exciting to see him come into the studio walking like a big guy. With daddy traveling for work there were only a few days to choose from when scheduling his one year session. Rain and traffic on the way, along with a bump on the head from daycare, put some worries in mom’s head how the session would go. Benton did great, when he was put down in his spot he just sat there looking around. At first he didn’t think our smile tricks were too funny, but once he warmed up to us he was all smiles. But then of course he was also more comfortable so he began walking around more making it harder to keep him in one spot. That’s no problem because we just move quickly from one pose to the next so he doesn’t get bored and fussy by being forced to stay in one spot. Mom loves Top Gun so she brought in a wooden airplane along with a jacket, hat and sunglasses for Benton to wear. Wow…the cuteness was just too much! It was a bit hard from him to balance on the rocking airplane but just standing next to it all dress up was adorable! Of course during a one year session we can add a cake smash at the end. The cake was handmade by mom making it very special, light blue with clouds and a plane on top. I was really hoping for a mess when Benton sat down but he was so focused on his small little nibbles that it didn’t get messy until dad just grabbed his head and shoved it in the cake! Now that photo would have been some great laughs later if Benton ever says he has this strange dream about his face being smashed into a cake when all he really wanted to do was relax and eat it. A great one year session, next time family photos!

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