Big Brother, Big Sister

December 20, 2018

We love to watch our families grow. We started working with Jenny and Kevin at their wedding. Then the welcomed twins about 3 years ago and we have been photographing them in studio and on location. Now we got to meet the newest addition to the family, Henry! When we arrived at the house for a newborn session we were happy to see big sister, Maggie, and big brother, Ben who were excited to show us their new brother. It took some convincing for us to get Ben in photos with his siblings but once we got going he did great. They both laid on the ground next to Henry, gave him kisses and even held him while sitting on the couch. They are going to be wonderful big siblings. Henry seemed to be tuckered out after all the photos with Maggie and Ben. He was a perfect angel for his photos alone. We went from one pose to another with minimal fussing from him. Maggie and Ben wanted to watch but it was best for them to have some playtime in order to keep it quiet for Henry. However I’m sure it’s not quiet normally for him so he should probably get use to the noise. Jenny decided it was best to enroll Henry in the birthday club just like the other kids. This way she would get updated photos often, discounts on prints and not have to pay any session fees. Our birthday club really is the greatest deal! We will see everyone again soon for 3 year photos and 4 month photos. We hope things are still going as well as they are going now. I bet Ben and Maggie will be pros at being big siblings by then – they were already off to a good start!

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