Catherine 1 Year

November 15, 2017

Meghan has had an appointment scheduled for Catherine’s 1 year photos for a while. She knew that our evenings in October would go fast and wanted to be sure she got one. We were very happy that it was a beautiful evening. It was a bit chilly but the clothing they picked, casual flannels, worked perfectly. It was a very fall look, perfect for a colorful holiday card. That’s exactly what Meghan had in mind for some of the photos. Of course Christmas gifts and photos around the house are also on the list of things she needs. We were able to move the time up a bit when we confirmed everything, which worked out great because on the overcast day we were losing light very quickly. However it didn’t really matter because we got so many smiles and great photos in the first part of the session that we could have just finished then. I like to give the families many options, but Catherine started to get cold so her best smiles might be the first couple I got! . Jeff even got in on making Catherine smile by making some silly noises and dancing around, anything for his little girl! It’s always great to watch our birthday club members growing. This past year has flown by from doing newborn photos to now 1 year has been great – Catherine is such a beauty! The whole family, even the extended family who also are birthday club members, are just wonderful to work with and photograph. It truly shows our motto at the studio – yours for a lifetime. We hope that someday we will be doing wedding of these young kids just like we did their parents weddings. But in the meantime we get to enjoy playing with the kids while we create memories for everyone in the family.

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