Charlie 1 year

February 22, 2018

Photographing kids can sometimes be a challenge, but other times it is as easy as it gets. Charlie was ready for his 1 year session and did a perfect job. Since he recently started walking we had to use some tricks to keep him in place but the smiles just kept coming! As photographers we have some tricks to get kids to smile if they are not as willing to show off those grins like Charlie. Getting “a smile” is actually not that hard but getting a “genuine smile” is something very different. The kids that are old enough to smile on demand are also the ones that have the most forced looking smiles. Each child is different so what works for one may not work for another. There are lots of tricks in our smile bag! We always start by chatting for a bit, very silly small talk, about their favorite characters or what they are wearing. Now if our subject is too young to talk there is always the hiding game. We can hid a toy in a box, or a penny under their foot. Making a big deal out of how they were able to hide it making it very tough for us to find is quite a joy to most kids. Of course there is also the “don’t you smile, don’t even think about it” this works on some kids but others take it very seriously and actually don’t smile! Of course all parents want that perfect smile but being a parent I know that there are many other expressions that are perfect as well. A child looking out the window with bright eyes as to what they will see out there, a glance over at daddy making funny noise trying to get a smile but instead it’s more of a “really dad that’s not funny”. Kids can use their faces to express many things and I am just so lucky that I get to capture them all! Charlie was a great subject giving us smiles, laughs and sweet faces. He made our session time fly by I can’t wait to see him again.

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