Megan called because she had gotten a gift certificate from a friend. Her friend knew that she wanted family photos and since they had won a gift at a local gala that they were not going to use they gave it to Megan and Kevin. Don’t ever let a gift certificate from Ravetta Photography go to waste. If you win one but don’t see yourself using it then make sure to pass it on to someone that would love to have photos taken! The session date changed a couple times due to sickness and work schedule changes but we are more than happy to find a time that works best for you and your family. When Megan and Kevin arrived they had a few things with them that they wanted to incorporate into the photos. That’s great – we love when people have items that hold a special meaning to them. It gives us new options while making the photos more personal for you. We have hundreds of things around the studio that we can use but something from home is a special way make your session unique. They are big Peanuts fans so they brought a bag full of Snoopy’s, a few Peanuts blankets and also a knit blanket that looked like Charlie Brown’s sweater. It was perfect for the photos of 3 month old Charlie…I wonder why they decided on Charlie for their baby’s name;) We started with a few family photos and then quickly moved to photos of Charlie by himself. It was our hope to get lots of different options of him with all the stuff they had brought with them. Charlie has some great expressions in both the family photos and his solo photos. He did a few poses but then decided he would rather eat and take a nap. This actually worked out perfectly for the photo with the Snoopy dolls, he is just all tucked into them like he is a doll himself. Such a great session for Charlie and his family! We hope to work with everyone again soon.

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