Clare 1 Year

June 27, 2018

When you are born in the summer there is a good chance your birthday session will be hot! Clare was no exception with the heat during her one year birthday club session. We met at the park and searched for the best shade spots. It actually wasn’t too bad with a slight breeze in the shade. The best part about it was that Clare was all smiles. She did not care about the weather she just knew she was happy to be one and was having fun outside. We were able to get family photos and two outfits done, such a treat to work with great people when the weather isn’t quite the best. A one year session is quite the milestone for our birthday club members. When we first meet them it’s during the newborn session. Such sweet sleepy little babies that let us mold them into the perfect poses. We watch them grow and change over the year, seeing them at the 4 month and 8 month marks. They become a bit more mobile, start “talking” to us and we learn what can make them smile. However the one year session is just amazing because it shows the personality they have developed. When Clare got out of the car she started waving at us and anyone that walked by in the park. Even though she had just gotten up from a car nap she was ready to wave and smile. She loves when we sing songs to her, since she is working on the walking we had to watch were we put her otherwise she would just walk away. As we took photos we could see mom and dad watching their “baby” seeing how big she has gotten. We are happy that over the past year we were able to capture some special moments that the family will cherish forever. See you in a few months for the 18 month session!

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