July 7, 2017

What goes around comes around is one way to describe the nature of our clients. To put it more simply I would say repeat customers. You could even say loyal friends! Ravetta photography has 40 years under its belt and going strong with me as the second generation photographer. Karen and Lou took photos of kids many years ago and now those kids have kids. When we first get a call for wedding photos from these clients we are very excited to see how the family is doing. Next we get a call to do baby photos when they start a family. It’s great to know Ravetta photography is their number one choice to capture memories. Collette, who goes by Coco, recently turned 1 year so Mallory gave us a call. Mallory had her photos taken by us when her mom Debbie brought her and her brothers in the studio. We took a three generation of women in the family during the session and it was such a perfect thing to capture. It was a nice breezy evening to take photos in forest park. I was expecting more flowers at the Jewel box but the shaded area was better to work in anyway, the sun was still a bit warm even at 6pm. Coco started off strong with lots of smiles but then she really wanted us to work for the smiles. We danced, sang songs, jumped up and down (this made her a moving target but the smiles were great). This family loves photos! Being the picture people we are and knowing how much this family like photos as well, we just kept going with little Coco. Debbie was even willing to put her granddaughter up on her shoulders to get that great smile she sees all the time. The dedication to wonderful photos in this family makes us very happy to be the ones they trust to take these photos.

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