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September 20, 2019

Let’s be honest…sometimes it is a beautiful day and everyone is excited to get outside for their portrait session. Other days it is raining and it just doesn’t work out. And then there is the heat of the summer, those kids with summer birthdays are excited when it comes to having a pool party but pictures are a different story. We schedule a time in advance and hope for the best or at least pick a location that has some shade. Well Mr. Lucas got very lucky with a shady park as well as a nice breeze on the day of his birthday photos. I will also say that we were also very lucky to photograph Mr. Lucas. He came strutting over to us with his new hair style looking super cool. He said he was ready for photos and started to smile. We really should have stopped taking photos sooner because each one he has a great grin or a silly face that just makes you laugh. His serious pose was just the cutest! Since we had come from a session with littles I had an assistant with me however Lucas didn’t need any help posing, smiling or even carrying on a conversation with me. He told me about starting Pre-K what he does at school, got me caught up on his brother and also what he did over the summer. I could have hung out with this little dude all day! It was a perfect end to a busy day of sessions in the park. I’m sure mom was excited how fast and easy the entire session went. Yet, when she sees the photos she will have a hard time picking since they are all so cute. Thanks for hanging out with us Lucas!

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