Cool Dude!

May 9, 2018

We never turn down an opportunity to donate a gift certificate to a local event. We have donated to trivia nights, auctions and even gift baskets at small fundraisers. We are happy to help raise money for those that support us around the area. We are a small business and word of mouth is a great way to get our name out to those around us. Andrea contacted us to set up a 7 month session because she had received a gift certificate from a local trivia night. We were happy to meet her and Robbie when she arrived. Robbie wasn’t ready to give us any smiles when he first met us, but Andrea said give him about 10 minutes to warm up to us and he will be all smiles. She was right, by the time we got them checked in and moved to the dressing room to discuss outfit ideas Robbie was showing off those new teeth! He has been working on sitting up so we wanted to be sure mom sat close when we had him up in a chair. However he did a great job proving that he is getting big very fast! We started off with a very cute outfit that included a tie and sunglasses – what a heartbreaker. When we did some photos on the floor he kept rolling to his side an posing for us. It was just the cutest, like he knew what was going on and wanted to get in the best position to see his amazing smile. Some sports photos with a plush football and baseball ended the session on a great note because Robbie was still smiling at us. We always push those smiles to the very end making sure we got exactly what mom wants – a wall worthy photo of her little man!

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