Courtney and Sam

June 19, 2018

We offer unlimited time wedding packages because we enjoy spending the whole day with our couples. Courtney knew she didn’t want to be rushed with time so when she and Sam selected a package the unlimited option was the best way to go. Picking a photographer was very easy for Courtney and Sam because we have done weddings for friends. After doing some research and viewing the final wedding albums we produce they knew they wanted to visit our studio and talk about package options. We got along very well so they felt comfortable selecting us to capture the wedding day. The photographer is one of the people you will be spending most of the day with – make sure it’s someone you feel a connection because that will show in your photos. We started off the day at the bride’s house where all the girls were laughing and having a great time together while they got ready. We were also able to go over to the boys getting ready since they were only about 2 blocks away. A typical wedding on The Hill where the families bounce from one house to the other, neighbors stop in to see the bride and then everyone meets at St. Ambrose for a wonderful ceremony joining together as one big family. It also wouldn’t be a wedding on The Hill without a stop to Milo’s! Earlier in the week we talked about a rain back up however there was zero chance of rain…even that morning when we arrived there was zero chance of rain. Well when the ceremony was over it was raining – a crazy rain shower that came out of nowhere! It’s good luck when it rains on your wedding, or is that just something they tell brides so they don’t get upset when it is raining? We discussed the park options while looking at the weather and decided to head to the park even though it was still a bit misty outside. Guess what, when we got to the park it was perfect! The rain had stopped, the lighting was great and the wedding party was ready to have a good time. Of course we stayed out of the grass as much as we could but that didn’t stop us from getting some perfect photos of Courtney and Sam. After a quick stop to Scottrade for some photos – little did we know that two days later it would be renamed to Enterprise – we headed to the reception. The party was complete with confetti cannons on the dance floor. What a fun night for everyone and we were so happy we could be a part of it.

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