Dallas is One

November 8, 2018

It is time to do one year photos for Dallas! We did photos when she was born and then had the pleasure of photographing Danielle and Dane’s wedding in the spring. Dallas was a super cute flower girl! Now she is getting so big. She isn’t walking on her own which is actually perfect for photos because she would stay in one spot. However she loves to walk holding mom and dad’s hands. So much that when we stopped she got very mad at us. However Danielle warned us that might be the case so we saved those photos for the end. When we all arrived Danielle informed us that half of the outfit was left back at home. Well luckily it was the bottom half so we were able to do a few close up photos in the cute flowered outfit Dallas was wearing. Outfits are important but really it’s all about that cute little baby face! Since this was a one year session of course she had an outfit with ONE on it and a unicorn – the theme of her birthday is unicorns. The rainbow tutu was absolutely adorable. Dallas likes to be swung up in the air so when we did family photos Danielle lifted her up and set her back down quickly to get the smile. It worked perfectly, might have been hard on Danielle’s arms but it’s all worth that wonderful smile. Dallas had a great time showing us leaves and rocks she found as she sat near the pond. It was cracking us up because it seemed like each rock she grabbed was bigger than the last one. Keeping kids entertained is a big part of a photography session. It gives us a more natural smile which parents love, that is unless they are so intent on looking at rocks that they don’t want to smile! We got some great smiles anyway I’m sure mom and dad will be very happy.

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