Daniel and Jessie

August 16, 2017

Jessie and Daniel kept their wedding close to home just like their Engagement Session It was great for us to travel to them again for the wedding because gives us new areas to explore. The wedding was in Farmington. But before we could head to the church we had to stop by Jessie’s parents house to get a traditional photo in the dresser mirror. It was important to her and mom to have this image just like generations before her. It was even the exact same mirror. I hope it is around to use for the future generations weddings. There was lots of last minute details happening before the wedding that we didn’t want to rush everyone to take photos. We had plenty of time after the ceremony to get everything done. We wanted Jessie and Daniel to really enjoy the moments when they listened to a recording from each other while they waited in anticipation to walk down the isle. They had a special unity cross instead of a candle. We had never see something like that before, it was a unique way to symbolize the joining of two lives. This cross can forever hang on their wall at home to remind them of the vows they made to each other.
The reception was at Weingarten Vineyard so we headed to Cape Girardeau after the church photos. However before we left Jessie had a special surprise for Daniel. A classic car was waiting out front of the church for them to ride in – it was a bit too hot to keep with this plan since the car didn’t have air and it was over 100 degrees. So instead we took lots of photos with it and Daniel was able to even get behind the wheel for a few, very exciting for him! Once at the reception we stopped on the way in to get some photos with the wedding party. The couple had decided since the reception ended before dark that they wanted to wait and do the formal photos in the vineyard afterward. We got all the group photos done quickly before everyone melted! A great reception with family and friends went by quickly, I am sure they could have partied all night long. They said they were going to continue at a nearby restaurant after we finished with photos. The heat was better while the couple enjoy some quiet time together in the vineyard, exactly what they had hoped for. So many special photos that they will have to remember such a wonderful day. We are thankful for the opportunity to photograph their wedding!

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