Danielle and Dane

May 3, 2018

Danielle and Dane were ready right away to secure a photographer for their wedding date when they came into our studio to visit. We had photographed her brother’s wedding and knowing the quality service we provided there was no need to look around for a photographer. We can’t talk enough about how much word of mouth or personal experience references helps a small business. A spring wedding can always be dampened – literally – by rain and there was a small chance for rain on Danielle and Dane’s wedding day. In the morning we met at the hotel, while we watched them both relax before getting ready a few raindrops began to fall. No worries for these two because it wasn’t about rain or shine it was about becoming husband and wife. Everyone got to the church, St. Francis Xavier, for a wonderful ceremony which was completed when Dane grabbed their daughter, Dallas, on the way back down the isle showing everyone how happy this family was on this amazing day! At this point it wasn’t raining but a gentle mist was in the air, we decided to walk across the street for a few photos near the fountain. This was just in case it started to rain on the way to the park, at least we would have a few outdoor photos. Looking at the weather it was decided to head to Tower Grove park. The spring trees were in bloom so we made sure to use this after the rock area of course. Since it was a bit chilly from the mist, we were only able to get a few photos with Dallas, but she was ready to smile after a nap and snack! As we finished up the photos we felt the rain coming, the bus driver ran over with an umbrella to help Danielle to the bus. It was pretty go timing, maybe we should have left 5 minutes earlier, but either way they have some great park photos. It was so much fun to see friends and family dancing the night away in celebration with this wonderful couple. Oh, and that Cold Stone ice cream bar was amazing! We look forward to capturing many more memories for Danielle, Dane and Dallas!

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