Danielle and Martin

June 20, 2019

Danielle and Martin were so much fun during their engagement session that we knew the wedding would be amazing. Another thing that amazes us is that we are not photographing the weddings of clients that we did their parents wedding. We photographed Danielle’s parents wedding so when they started looking for a photographer they notice we were available and still providing a high quality product to our brides. They looked no further!! It’s crazy to think that we have been taking wedding photos for 40 years and hoping for another 40.
When we arrived at the MAC to get photos of the girls getting ready they were running right on time…that never happens. It seems that something is always running behind at every wedding, however Danielle was on top of everything to make sure the girls were done when they were supposed to be done. After a first look with the bridesmaids we headed over to the Palm House to meet up with the boys. They were ready for photos so we quickly got them done so they could go hide as Danielle arrived to the park.
The Palm House has such beautiful lighting which really set the mood for this summer wedding. Nice sunny skies with a couple surrounded by friends and family. They had some close friends perform the ceremony by saying some nice words about them as well as helping them through the vows. With some laughs, waves to the crowd and all smiles Danielle and Martin were married!
With the amount of rain we were very fortunate to have a bright sunny day. A bit warm but that is much better than rain. We did photos around Tower Grove park in a few locations. The wedding party was having a great time and couldn’t wait to get to the reception. Danielle wanted to be sure that they arrived in time to take some photos at the MAC before the guests arrived. Since they had plenty of time the decided to be at the whole cocktail hour to talk with all the people that came to celebrate with them. It is really great to see a couple that is so concerned with their guests. They spent so much time talking with everyone which really showed how happy they were to have the support around them.
It was wonderful to be a part of this wedding!

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