Diana and Joel

December 6, 2019

Diana called because she recently got engaged and wanted to take advantage of the fall colors that happened so quickly this year. One day it’s green and the next day all the colors are exploding in the parks. We never know when this will happen but we can take a guess, when it came to the engagement session of Diana and Joel we guessed correctly. We agreed to meet at Castlewood Park because that is where the two of them spend a lot of time hiking or running together. This is also the location that Joel proposed. As we were walking up I got to hear about how the proposal went, it was a very nice story. Diana also mentioned that she remembered us from when we took her senior photos. This is wonderful news because we really take pride in having a studio that has been around over 4 decades. She had a few friends that offered to take some snapshots of them but she knew that this moment was very important to document so she wanted someone professional to get the best photos. I was so happy to work with them on such a wonderful day. We found some spots that were heavily traveled but then also did a few photos off the paths, these are actually my favorite because the scenery is perfect. Of course even though they have walked up these trails often it was a bit different all dressed up and with Diana in heels, we just took things slow getting perfect photos along the rocky trails. Diana and Joel are so sweet together that they will have a hard time picking their favorite photos…too many to narrow it down! They are planning a wedding for this year and already started selecting venues. They will have a beautiful day!

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