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February 1, 2018

Joan wanted a family photo while everyone was in town for a birthday party. The original plan was to get the birthday boy – her husband – out of the house while the surprise party was set up. She would bring the whole family to the studio for a portrait then when they arrived back home the guest would do the traditional “surprise” He wouldn’t think anything of it because they had a reason to be out of the house. However the timing wasn’t working for the whole family which brought us to exploring other options. The full hour session didn’t make sense because that would have everyone spending too much time taking photos away from the party. I also explained to Joan that when we arrive for a full family session we typically need to move some things around in the house to create the perfect amount of space. A coffee table may need to go to the side or a shift of the couch to get a better angle. This was not going to work with so many guests at the house for the party. For a brief moment the whole idea was seemingly impossible and perhaps it would be better to cancel. I couldn’t let that happen when this family is from all over the US and is not together often. Also grandma was going to be there and that’s a special moment having 4 generations in the same room. We decided a mini session was perfect, just a quick photo of the whole family leaving time for any other casual photos with the guest or combinations of the family on the staircase. The foyer stairs turned out to be the perfect location, nothing to move, out of the guest way and a quick set up. Please follow Joan’s lead by not letting these special moments pass thinking “it’s just too hard to gather for a photo” The 30 minutes of photos are going to worth years of happiness as everyone remembers this day!

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