Eddie has arrived

February 9, 2018

I met Julie at a family party years ago because she is my husband’s cousin. When she and Tony got married I was happy that they called to have me photograph the great event. I don’t always assume that because we are extended family that I will be chosen as someone’s photographer. I hope that I will get the honor, and for the most part it works out. They were pleased with the wedding photos so when they found out they were expecting she inquired about newborn photos. Since we did the wedding she had a gift certificate for a session which is an extra bonus reason to call us when you start a family – a free session! Eddie arrived so I anxiously awaited the call when Julie and Tony headed home from the hospital so I could meet him. Not only for photos but as another baby boy in our family, we have plenty of boys…we need more girls. When we were finally able to find a session time Eddie was 2 weeks old. I warned Julie that he was a bit old for some poses because he will now be more aware and awake. So he wasn’t in the mood for any naked photos, but he loved being wrapped up giving us some great awake photos before he fell asleep. I was able to easily transition him while he slept into a truck that Tony had as a kid. It is a perfect photo! Eddie only slept for about 30 minutes, but that was enough time to get tons of precious photos since he was tired from all the awake photos we took. I had so much fun spending time with a new little one in our family, looking forward to watching him grow. I’m happy Julie and Tony trusted me to capture these memories!

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