Edlyn and Jessica

May 31, 2018

Edlyn and Jessica will be using our services for their wedding in September. Our wedding packages include an engagement session so they wanted to be sure and take advantage of this great offer. They like the look of the botanical gardens so went to scout out a few spots they liked before the session. We have been to the botanical garden many times and know lots of great places for photos. However the garden is so big that it’s not possible to use all locations during one session. Therefore if you have something in mind we encourage you to take a trip to look at areas you like. We are also more than happy to take over, bringing you to the best spots in the garden where the sun hits everything perfectly to get the best lighting during your session. Edlyn and Jessica like the look of unique spots with lines and dimension. So the back of the garden has the most options! It’s a bit of a walk, but totally worth it after they see the amazing photos of their favorite spots. We started our walk there taking a few photos along the way. Turned out to be much hotter that day then expected so Jessica welcomed a change to her dress from the jeans she arrived in. Some of the spots had lots of sun making it a bit hard for them to look at the camera. We did more romantic photos here and then also utilized some shaded areas of the garden. We got a bit carried away walking around taking photos in the garden so we had to finish quickly because they had to get to the reception location to talk about details of the wedding. They are both great to work with which will make the wedding day lots of fun for everyone. We are looking forward to more unique photos of these two in a few months.

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