Family Photos

January 31, 2019

On a day in December when the weather was in the low 50’s we gathered with a family at their house. Everyone was together in St. Louis for the holidays so it was a must to get a family photo taken. This family is literally spread across the United States, with some on the East coast, some on the West coast and then others right here in St. Louis. It was great that this photo session was able to happen while they were all here. The hope was for the weather to be nice so photos could be outside but of course the backup plan would be in the house. There was a bit of wind but we were able to work pretty quickly before everyone froze! The great thing about being at the house was when we were doing individual family photos everyone else could go inside to keep warm. It’s great to be welcomed to someone’s home because it makes the photos more personal. Of course since this large group had a few children we needed to bring a couple toys with us. However our little monkey friend was all we needed, the kids got a kick out of him jumping around behind the camera. Then they wanted to know if we bring him to make them smile, yes we do, but sometimes he helps make the adults smile too! All families took advantage of a photo because it was so nice to have this opportunity for a professional photographer capturing these moments. We always thank the organizer of these session because getting over 20 people together at the same time in the same place, dressed for a photo session is quite an achievement. It was so nice to spend time with this family, a bit cold, but thank you for sticking it out to get some wonderful family photos.

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