Family Photos

June 22, 2017

Mary has wanted a family photo including everyone for as long as she can remember. With family out of town and new grandkids adding up the stars just never aligned to do a photo. This year she wanted to make it work while everyone was together for her newest grandson’s baptism. When she called she was weighing to options of doing the photo the day before or the day of the baptism. She mentioned other events planned after mass and we thought about how busy everyone would be before mass. So the day before worked out much better. She mentioned a park near where she lived that we had not been to before but we are always open to a new location. This will give us options when clients are looking for a place to go near them when they are not able to travel to one of the more popular parks. This small park was perfect for area with greenery and trees. It had shade we were able to use which was very helpful because it was such a hot day. Everyone was so nice, easy to work with and it went so smoothly. I was taking a photo of all the grandkids together talking with them about little kid stuff. You know, paw patrol – star wars – go noodle, the typical kid stuff! I heard one of the family members say “I think she has done this before” It was such a great compliment because I enjoy what I do, not only capturing the family photo but making it a relaxing and fun experience for the kids. When the kids are having fun that makes it 100% easier for parents then it creates a perfect wall portrait for everyone. I was glad to have the honor to make Mary’s dreams come true!

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