First Family Photo

November 15, 2017

We donate gift certificates to the area schools that support our business. First of all we feel that all families should have a professional portrait, and second the funds raised at the auctions or trivia nights go toward the school. Greta called because she got one of our gift certificates at a school auction. Actually the school my son goes to – our kids are in the same class! She mentioned when we talked that she has lots of photos of the kids but nothing of the whole family together. It was her goal with this session to get a good photo of the 5 of them. I knew I could make that happen! It was such a nice fall evening when we arrived at the house, the light was perfect and they had lots of areas to work with in the yard. Greta was surprised to put a face to the name because she knew I had kids at the Villa but didn’t realize it was me she saw at drop off all the time. I even saw her the next day and Albert was very confused why the picture lady was there. I’m sure I’ll get more hellos now that he has seen all my “get you to smile tricks” We got started right away since Ruthie had to get to soccer practice, these kids are just so busy all the time. We started with some great trees, flowers, and rock wall that they had in the backyard. Once we moved to the front I did make them move some Halloween decorations. As much as I loved what they had up I figured we didn’t want to have those in a photo hanging on the wall. The kids were very well behaved doing everything we wanted – even getting a few smiles with teeth from James! I really think we got so many photos that it might be hard to pick a favorite. Goal accomplished!

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