Getting so big

August 8, 2018

Parents see their kids each day and I know they from time to time notice how much they have grown. But it is much more obvious from our perspective because we often don’t see them for 6 months to a year. We haven’t seen Sarah since her newborn photos last year. She has gotten very big and also quite tan since the last time we saw her! She hasn’t started walking yet, I don’t blame her, with two older sisters why walk when they can do everything for her. We wanted to try and get everything possible done during this session – family, girls together, girls alone, Sarah one year photos, mom and dad together. Sometimes it’s hard to do this much but then at the same time it gives the opportunity to be more flexible if one child doesn’t want photos we work with the others. We don’t have to push it since there are other photos we want to take anyway. I am just amazed at how each girl has such a different personality. Of course it is hard to see exactly what Sarah will be like but currently she is pretty easy going until her sisters hold her hands Megan, as the oldest, had to show off her strong willed personality but eventually we got some great smiles. Then there is Elizabeth the sweet little ray of sunshine in the middle. She would not only follow the directions given to her she was following everyone else’s too. I’m sure life is a joy and a challenge with these three girls but seeing them together having fun is very special. Not only was it a great session with lots of photos, but for a July day with temps in the 100s all week this particular morning it was 70’s and breezy. Excited to watch these girls grow up, but not too fast!

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