Growing Family

May 9, 2018

Again and again we enjoy seeing our families grow. We start off with them as wedding clients and then see everyone again when they have children. Now we see Jen a few times a year because she teaches at a school we photograph. We take a moment to update on everyone “hey how’s the family” So when we talked to her last fall she mentioned Nellie was doing great – getting big very fast. That seems to be how all parents feel. The days are long but the years are short! At that point Jen didn’t mention a new addition would be joining the family. We were so excited to hear from her after they welcomed Landon. A new family portrait was a must so Jen had her eye on a gift certificate at a local event. We love to donate to any events in our area or for the schools that support us with school photos. This gift certificate was perfect for Jen and the family. When they arrived Nellie needed some time to warm up to the idea of taking photos so we started with Landon. He was awake and ready to go! We are very flexible when working with children because we know it takes time for them to feel comfortable. Nellie enjoyed a few photos but preferred to be in the lobby area…so guess what we just cozied up on the couch and get a perfect family photo. She even held Landon for a few precious moments! Having done a session with us before Jen knew what she wanted. A great family photo for the wall, a couple of the kids together and some newborn photos of Landon. We were able to get it all, even a couple cute shots of Nellie alone too. Of course we had to let her make a few funny faces to get that sweet smile. Thanks for coming in and catching up with us, excited to watch the kids grow!

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