Growing James

October 4, 2018

Our birthday club is an amazing deal for anyone. We start a relationship with your family from newborn photos and continue until your children are 12…or perhaps even longer. Alexis and Dillon started working with us for their wedding photos. Wait, Alexis came in for our spring sessions with the animals when she was a kid. So really we have known her for what seems like forever. When their son James was born they called right away to get newborn photos and join our birthday club. Now it was time for the next session, the 4 month session. But James was actually 5 months because the poor little guy was sick on his first scheduled appointment so we had to pick a new date. He was definitely not sick this day. He was ready to go, smiling the whole time. Alright we did have to take a break to eat but after that the smiles just kept coming. James was loving our “tickle stick” it’s a rainbow colored feather duster that has been entertaining children for years. Those things are hard to find now so we make sure we keep that in a safe place. James loves tummy time so we made sure to take advantage of that opportunity because most babies are not a fan. He showed off his superman pose along with an amazing smile. As we were switching from one side of the room to the other we accidentally broke one of the backgrounds off the wall. We are too short to put it back up without a ladder but Dillon tried his best. We told him it wasn’t necessary that we could just do it later but that didn’t stop this gentleman from trying and trying. This family is just the sweetest, always thinking of others. We are happy to have them as a part of the Ravetta photography family and look forward to working with them for many years!

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