Growing Liam

June 20, 2017

Kids love to play pretend, we encourage that during our sessions. If they have a favorite toy, costume or item that they want to bring along go for it. Photos should capture kids at that point in their lives just as they are. Do they like trains, cars or sports? Let’s chug along, drive down or throw a ball during the session. When we know something the kids enjoy it get true expressions from them instead of that forced smile. We try to keep up with all the new toys and cartoons, but sometimes we miss something. There could be a new princess we don’t know or star wars character that’s important. Give us a heads up and then when we mention it your kids will be so surprised we know and excited to talk to us about it.
Liam has been coming into the studio since he was born. He has a love for fireman and firetrucks. We started off his session with a nice shirt because if he put on his fireman costume we may not have gotten him out of it. We had to work quickly, not because he wasn’t happy, but because the smiles just kept coming. With each pose he light up the room with his smile! Perhaps he knew what was coming, can’t fool a 3 year old! He was very excited to show us his costume, complete with a hat that makes firetruck sounds. He needed his ax to help break down the door to get to the fire. He knew exactly what to do. Rescue the people and get the hose to spray water on the fire. Liam has such a fun time talking with us about his favorite thing. The photos are great because he was relaxed having fun.

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