Gwen and Adam

July 3, 2019

Gwen and Adam are just amazing to work with and I had such a great time at the wedding. When they got engaged I knew early on because I’m friends with Gwen’s family. I knew they had just started the planning process but was sure that when it came to photography they would give me a call. Of course they did! We sat down to talk about the plans and realized that some of our packages included more than they wanted…no problem. We custom created a package that worked perfectly for their wedding day. It was my pleasure to make sure they had what they needed but were not spending extra on the items they didn’t want. I am more than happy to do this for anyone that comes into the office, everyone is considered a friend when working with Ravetta Photography.
The wedding day started at the hotel with the girls getting ready. It was so fun to see the family together celebrating this happy occasion since I have seen them at other celebrations, backyard barbeques, winery trips and many other things. However this one was extra special – they would be welcoming Adam into their family. He was really already a part of the family but June 8th made it official. Heading over to the church I met up with Adam who isn’t a big fan of taking photos but was totally relaxed with me there doing them. Besides he would do anything for Gwen and if that means a few hundred photos then so be it!
Gwen arrived and did a first look with dad before they walked down the aisle. Wow the tears were flowing from everyone, even I started to tear up so I had to tell them to start laughing because it was hard to take photos while crying…that got some great smiles from everyone. It was such a great moment and I was so happy that I was there to capture it.
With all the rain in June we were worried we wouldn’t get to the park after the ceremony, however it turned out to be a perfect day. Park photos were a blast because it really just felt like we were just hanging out together, having fun and taking some photos while we were there. This fun just carried over into the reception. It was a wonderful day with Adam and Gwen. I know they will love the photos and I look forward to capturing many more events for them in the future.

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